The President of European Parliament Issued a statement warning the Chinese government to immediately stop the retaliation and harassment of Chen Guangcheng’s family

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On Monday, May 20th, European Parliament’s President Schulz met at the EP’s plenary session at their headquarters in Strasbourg, France. Upon Vice President Scott McMillan’s request, Schulz released a statement about Chen Kegui and Chen Guangcheng’s family’s continued harassment and receiving of threats from the Chinese government. President Schulz urged the Chinese Communist Party to correct their actions regarding this matter.

President Schulz also noted in his statement that last year, human rights activist Chen Guangcheng was seeking protection at the US embassy in Beijing. Now, he is freely visiting Europe. Chen alleged that because of his escape, the Chinese government retaliated on his family by attacking his older brother. They also sentenced Chen’s nephew to prison and have refused to provide his nephew with the vital medical care needed for his declining health.

Schulz lastly focused on warning the Chinese government that the European Parliament will never accept this kind of “physical and psychological intimidation.”

Below is the link for President Schulz’s full statement:

Chen Guangcheng and ChinaAid president Bob Fu just wrapped up a four-country tour of Europe, aiming to promote a “Europe and America Trans-Atlantic Human Rights Alliance.” They pushed for a complete unity of all governments and NGO’s, European and American, to fight for and speak up against the human rights violations currently taking place every day in China.

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