Three Kindergartens Across China Raided


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(Nov. 10, 2010) On Tuesday, November 7, 2010, kindergartens in Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan were raided by the Public Security Bureau (PSB), accompanied by officials from education bureaus.
Sun Haiping, wife of house church pastor Wang Dao, is in charge of the three schools. She is also part of the Chinese delegation, now in Washington, DC, focusing on democracy and religious freedom.
“If this was a normal school inspection, the PSB would not have been there, and it would have been led by the Education Bureau,” she said on Tuesday. “The schools are at risk of being shut down.”
During the invasions, PSB questioned teachers and children concerning where Sun was, and what her purpose was for traveling to the US. They also asked if the school owned Bibles or distributed them to students.
According to Sun, the schools where raided by police because she is visiting the United States to speak about democracy and religious freedom. Sun’s generous actions in the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake were applauded by authorities, but now she is being targeted for speaking about the freedom and justice that the Chinese constitution promises, but the authorities withhold from citizens.
Please pray that Sun Haiping and Wang Dao will stay strong and faithful, and the children in these schools will be able to continue receiving quality education from these equipped believers.

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