Two house churches in Guangdong threatened by authorities

Guangfu House Church in Guangzhou
was sealed on May 24, 2015.

(Photo: China Aid)

China Aid
By Rachel Ritchie

(Jiangmen, Guangdong—July 21, 2015) The persecution of house churches in the southern Chinese province of Guangdong continued this month when two churches, one in Jiangmen and one in Guangzhou, were threatened by police.

Police in Jiangmen accused Zaixin Church, a house church, of holding religious activities without being registered, a church member told China Aid. “The Domestic Security Protection Squad told our church leader not to continue the church’s services. If he does, they said they will seal all of his meeting places and ask his landlord to stop renting to him. The police searched his house and the church and took items like the overhead projector. Also, some books our leader purchased were confiscated on two occasions as they were being delivered.

“The church is a small place,” the church member said. “The police know who we are. Our leader’s family phone is bugged, so he doesn’t dare to report the threats against him to anyone.”

Another house church, founded by Pastor Lin Xiangao in Guangzhou, has also been recently threatened by police. Church members have been ordered to stop church meetings and have been asked to “drink tea” with the local government, willing submitting to police interrogations.

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