Two Missionaries Released in Inner Mongolia Released; Two More Still in Detention

China Aid Association

(Inner Mongolia- August 11, 2008) CAA has learned that two of the four missionaries detained in Inner Mongolia in early July have been released after serving 30 days adminstrative detention.
Yu Yongqing and Li Shusen were released on Aug. 6 and Aug 10, respectively. Yu Yongqing was released after paying an undisclosed amount of money to PSB officials for his release. Two of the four detained missionaries, Li Li and Wang Shuang remain in detention. Mr. Wang’s wife and sister visited the PSB detention center where he was being held upon entering the station they were shown into Wang’s cell where he was seen being hung by handcuffs. The two women left seriously distraught yet helpless to change the situation. The other detainee, Li Li has been diagnosed by PSB officials as having a serious lung disease and possibly lung cancer. Detention guard officials fearful that Li will die under their watch have determined that Li will be placed under house detention with the condition that Li will promise not to escape while at home.
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Issued by CAA August 11, 2008

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