China family church historian opens :"Mysterious complicated Xu Shengguang"

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Helps China the association to issue China family church historian today to open Mr. in justice south that leader Xu Shengguang is judged the concentrated character of death penalty writing , and the title is be dead against being done ” three classes of servants ” by the person : Mysterious complicated Xu Shengguang helps the association appealing China authorities can takes the fact as the basis to China , and respects the constitution right that Xu Shuanfu waded case person in one case , and looks into the correlation putting into force the criminal responsibility of cruel torture person to suspicion person
And be directed against the promotion recently , and appeals the international community expressing and concern to the China authorities in the religion persecutions of various places
( preceding Beijing municipal Party committee party school lecturer , China family church pastor , this quick virtue theology courtyard philosophy doctor candidate of impressive strength ) : Mysterious complicated Xu Shengguang of Fu Xiqiu Dezhou City virtue lily magnolia ( helps the association in 2006 7 months 25 days to China ) is tens years , is done by the person church of ” three classes of servants ” within the four seas outside quite receives the dispute , it is surging to pass on a message on the glad tidings threshing floor .

” three classes of servants ” last court of defendant was suspected of being involed the big cases of tens human lives this year .
Three person Xu Shengguang , Li Maoxing and Wang Jun are judged the death penalty , and have three person to sentence to the stay of execution in addition .
The glad tidings organization China glad tidings can decide ” three classes of servants ” for the extremes religious sect to authority of overseas , and ambassador hits the target fixed his of the heart to serve as the heresy religious sect .
The author stands in Christian’s position , and serving as the heart with the main heart , and serving as the thought with the main matter , many times Xiang Tianfu God prays the warp , understands the angle of history from the Christian religion , and investigated the visit as a result of several , Xu Shengguang who understands me some public affairs Zhu Yushi , supplies the traffic inside the main elder brother wife’s younger brother elder and younger sisters solemnly with this
( 1 ) Xu Shengguang preaches to go through and faction background Xu Shengguang primary Xu Shuanfu , and being born in in 1946 10 months 9 days , living Henan economizing Ling Loucun Nan Zhaoxian Xu Yingzhuan , the sky mountains and rivers are leaned against in this village , Yun Yangzhen and stays between the town of hill
Norway Lu Dehui ( good faith ancestor ) passes the glad tidings into Nan Zhaoxian in 1909 , and having built a church , and having 52 person Christian then , that the Norway Christian religion in 1941 differs from can set up the pastureland Nan Zhaoxian , and having that western priest Kang Ci is big and Gu Yongrong and cloth must An Jin loves Mu Hui such as reason etc , and nine peaks local pastor kings immediately and Cheng Tianxin administers a church such as the hill staying and Li Qingdian etc .

Later , supporting self to pass , and divides out Lu Dehui into Nan Zhao , by the Mu Yang Shang Zilian church of Yun Yangzhen , 2194 person believer .
Mother of Xu Shuanfu pious letter owner hopes that son can support and wait upon Jesus Christ Christ , and Xu Shuanfu receives family influence , juvenile Gui Zhu
Xu Shuanfu receives revolution cadre , people’s militia and forcing of the Red Guards to the truth that what then Nan Zhao village church passed to speak is Lu Dehui ” because of the letter calls the justice ” in the 60’s ” cultural revolution ” , parading through the streets , ties up and hangs and beat , premediation of Red Guards’s , main points ” sky light ” while still alive fever dies Xu Shuanfu , when Xu Shuanfu coat by sprinkles gos up diesel oil , has one Red Guards is stealing to put he runs away , mother because of this Red Guards letter owner , hears the sound of the Holy Spirit , the main command she let son helps Xu Shuanfu runs for it
After 1969 , the Zhou Jiaan of Zaoyang county Xu Zhai is economized in Hubei , and the secret is passed glad tidings line Yu Nanzhao , and has known Xu Shuanfu , and becomes with worker .

Zhou Jia is satisfied with in 1947 and is born in Tang Hexian sloping Jesus Christ family of sand hill , and female Li Jinfang of head of a family Wang Huaru Ceng Xiangqi passes the glad tidings , and Li Jinfang believed owner in 1945 , and being full of by the Holy Spirit when being baptized , Li Jinfang receives revolution cadre and people’s militia to beat cruelly criticizing and denouncing time and again in the cultural revolution , and being confiscated the property of on off ender and seals up a door , lives at the nothing place , and have to take two sizes to beg for food and roams about .
Li Jinfang fasted 76 days , and Zhou Jiaan fasted 93 days , and all Davids fasted ( they do not eat by a mouthful of cooked rice ) 28 days , and spirited mark strange affair is accompanied , and passes the glad tidings receiving the important name and catches up with ghost doctor’s disease in every place .
Li Jinfang’s secret joins the Wang Huaru of Fang Chengxian and Jia Guizhen and tall GuiLin City , and they together in the Jesus Christ family formerly , and Gao Yunjiu elder joining previously that understands in the inland , takes a youth to preach Chen Hailu person , Chu Changquan and plum offer as a tribute , to enlarge to tens glad tidings of person wrong passes team , Xu Shuanfu joins this secret round contract , Wang Huaru takes for Xu Shuanfu teachs name ” Xu Shengguang ” , Xu Shengguang follows Wang Huaru and Zhou Jiaan learns way and passes the glad tidings , and continuously fasted ( the cooked rice is not eaten with certainty ) 40 days , and is full of theory dialect by the Holy Spirit
The American god of Jesus Christ family Ceng Shou calls together can woman priest forest beautiful to be trained , and the promotion is fasted prays , and admires the Holy Spirit yearningly to be full of .

Li Jinfang takes a risk to preach in ” cultural revolution ” , and fasts to hear the sound of the Holy Spirit when praying , and let her only eat a cooked rice every day , and fasts entirely on Sunday , and is better than politics forcing of high pressure with this .
Xu Shengguang listens this witness of Li Jinfang , and delivers the different portrait everywhere , and accept glad tidings Gui Zhuzhe altogether , and lets his every day of a cooked rice , as respecting the pious mark
In 1972 , Shanghai preached Li Tianen person ( Mu Sheng ) to the small upright hill preach of Fang Chengxian .
Gao Yunjiu elder is the elder sister’s husband of Li Tianen , and the administer baptism is pacified in the Ceng Weizhou family , and his invitation Li Tianen arrives the remote mountain villages of Fang Cheng , and the secret train Christ youth , does spade work for the later church revives , along with Li Tianen of Xu Shengguang , Li Tianen in the Republic of China crosss two theology courtyards in the Kaifeng and Hangzhou , theology knowledge far surpasses Wang Huaru and Li Jinfang , writes in the future << key going up a hill >> and << daylight >> category clever the books
Xu Shengguang esteemes Li Tianen verymuch , and the speech bearing of kindness uncle is for several days in a row also painstakingly imitated , and Li Tianen thinks , and only eating a cooked rice every day , not having the Holy Bible basis , Christian is free in owner , and it is also passable to eat three times cooked rice , and Xu Shengguang advocates again and eats three times cooked rice everywhere

In 1975 , the most ultra-left political power of the Nanyang district Chinese Party beat the secret Christian religion of pressure , will differ from passing the group to beat into the counter revolutionary organisation , Li Tianen , Wang Huaru , Li Jinfang , Zhou Jiaan and plum offer as a tribute etc the priority is in prison or passes a sentence , Xu Shengguang batch catches to has escaped .
In 1976 9 months , he was arrested in Zhengzhou , signature time Nan Zhaoxian with ” flees hither and thither swindles guilt ” passed a sentence 3 years .
During being imprisoned , the Lushan Mountain county building is opened Wang Jun elder and younger sisters of village , and looking about in going forward to supervise , she has listened Xu Shengguang to preach , and being pious Christian , in 1979 , Xu Shengguang is released to be released from prison , and soon , and Wang Jun marries , in 1981 , girl of low status Wang Junsheng Xu silver

In 1980 8 months , Xu Shengguang should Xu Yongze invites , and participates in the family church matter worker’s that convened in the kiln village on Nan Zhaoxian party , and draws a clear line of demarcation the boundary line with three from the church .
Flat small group of churches in the county of town opens to receive justice to speak that the church builds , and talks theology concept of Ni Tuosheng , and Fang Chengxian Zhangs that Meng Enchuan speaks that the person who understands examines through the thread in footpath in the inland , and still has the senior of other religious sect to participate in a conference .

The well-known person preaching plum offers as a tribute and Zhangs Wang Zhenfa Rong Liang , Xu Yongling and Guo Shan Sun Shaoguang etc have the traffic respectively .
Plum offering as a tribute to participating in a conference and taking the matter of the Holy Bible with workers notify to Guangzhou , and Xu Shengguang found the Holy Bible gaining and belongs the spirit books way
In 1983 , the family church is forced greatly , and opens to receive justice and Wang Zhenfa was passed a sentence 15 years because of preaching , and in order to oppose revolution guilt is instigated in the propaganda to the hat .
Other preach , and or person arrests to pass a sentence , or becomes a fugitive all around .
Xu Shengguang runs away to Shaanxi to economize the remote rural area , and preaches while holing up
In the 80’s middle periods , Xu Shengguang and Henan southwest ministry well-knownly preaches , and the National People’s Congress all keeps contacting , and everybody thinks that the whereabouts are him mysterious , and to respect pious category spirit and complicated changeable verymuch , and some ways to him quite have minute diction .
Before the party the praying of Xu Shengguang reaching one many hours , and the person of party has even to the extent that dozed off in his sound praying , and he does not still begin preaching .
In a party of four li of shops Fang Chengxian , the well-known person preaching Liu Zhenying ( person ) wants to stop Xu Shengguang and very longly prays in the sky , and brothers Tian Jin make Liu Zhenying patiently listen to big section of ground back Holy Bible of Xu Shengguang when praying .
Xu Shengguang and Zhanging Tian Jin Rong Liang man elder and younger sisters meets in the rural area glad tidings threshing floors , and man elder and younger sisters arranges him to reside the reception point of short duration , and Xu Shengguang finds that has several hundred various categories spirits books in the room , and he rolls up like a mat and goes these books unexpectedly , and does not accuse and leaves .
Zhanging Rong Liang man elder and younger sisters comes back to look for Xu Shengguang to talk , and wife has walked , and the book does not have yet .
Man elder and younger sisters is very indignant , and Christian religion books that she the collects hard many years quilts have been held entirely , and calls one not to beat .
Zhanging Rong Liang magnanimouslyly advises man elder and younger sisters , and the heart of Mu Lingliang is too eager yearningly to Xu Shengguang , and also being in order to pass the glad tidings , and can forgiving him .
Man elder and younger sisters says : ” does you give unprincipled protection to so him , and are conniving guiltyly , and preach the character of person from He Tanqi ? “
Xu Shengguang with he brothers Liu husbands of sisters quarrel many times , they go to Guangzhou and take belonging the clever books together , and censure brothers Liu are devoid of gratitude not obedient to Xu Shengguang , and brothers Liu answer back sarcastically , and think that elder sister’s husband Xu Shengguang’s nature is changeable , and decide main day again : ” 1989, holy on foot all walks . “
Speaking on the Holy Bible : ” but that day , nobody can know at that time celetial bodies , and emissary who for several days in a row goes up does not know yet , and son does not know that father knows only yet . “
( too 24: 36 ) but , Xu Shengguang quotes Holy Bible theory , and the Holy Spirit thoroughly understands all things , because the religious doctrine is unpeaceful , the nature was different on day also coming again including owner , and two person quarrel endlessly in the wife’s mother family , and it is invalid that wife’s mother dissuades , and catches up with on the beach of river and debates two person , and two person did not did not each other come and go many years later
Because concrete day that the fixed owner of Xu Shengguang comes again , the Henan family church most part is preached , and person breaks off coming and going with him , and decides him for the heresy .

After 1989 , Xu Shengguang admits that self is wrong
Xu Shengguang has breakd away the Henan family churches trunk stream churches , and joins Li Maoxing of dance sun county etc , and passes the glad tidings to the Shaanxi province Huxian county , plain boiled water and thoughtful and hill sun etc county

Full Fang Chengxian high official position elder and younger sisters offers as a tribute preaching , arriving Shaanxi Huxian county along with identity worker Xu Shengguang , two moons is repaired in the spirit to 1985 Nian Xia , will supplement to the end of the year , and frowns upon the supporting and wait upon model of Xu Shengguang , with separates
In 1987 10 months , Xu Shengguang gets together in Yexian county to be arrested by policeman , and judges the reeducation through labour of 3 years , and Xie Jiao releases in 1990 9 months 21 days .
Li Maoxing goes to Guangzhou , and propaganda and education pastor bachelor Bao Dening joins Xu Shengguang with the United States , and will wrap that the pastor takes to the Shaanxi rural area preaching , and wrap that the pastor encourages the person Holy Spirit who gets together to be full of , and clap the palm dancing and praises owner , and forms very big voice .
Xu Shengguang is forced many years , and is accustomed to work hiding the type , and runs into critical situation , and climbovers wall and hides in the toilet , and flees in cropland and ditch , and does not receive having wrapped pastor so the supporting and wait upon model to the rain sports in the spring of United States California head beach church very indisposedly should
Putting together the analysis , Xu Shengguang has successively accepted theology concept of several religious sects Christian religion , Lu Dehui The Jesus Christ family ( clever kindness ) The meeting in inland Small group of churches .

The church that Xu Shengguang foundes them is called ” truth church ” , and not to admit self is three classes of servants , but his person from family thinks to belong to small group of churches
( 2 ) studying ” three classes of servants ” church , being faced with hugely difficult in 1996 – in 2000 , how many big religious sects of China family church push forward unity work , and mentioning Xu Shengguang , everybody does not admit .
The author drafts some files of church unity , and does not enlist with ” three classes of servants ” .
On some families of Henan get together a little , I meet Xu Shengguang , and listens him to pray the preach , and colloquizes with him , and put forward some problems face to face .
See that the person that he is soft humble also is a self-confident decisive and resolute person from outside .
<< China heresy problem researchs Zhi three classes of servants San ? >> that I with the China glad tidings understand Zhuo Xuanxie lets Xu Shengguang look at , theory on the Holy Bible : ” does not listen first I the affidavit , not knowing the matter that he did , our law still decides his guilt ? “
( making an appointment with 7: 51 ) .

Passing on a message , having appeared so serious problem , should let Xu Shengguang do the explanation , Xu Shengguang denies middle ” three classes of servants ” entirely , and speaks that who writes these articles attacking him , and Xiang Zhujiao did not make an entry in an account book in future .
Xu Shengguang has read that Holy Bible calf stands than the book .
That I with << Henan province family church article of creed >> read listens to him , and << article of creed >> 7th is written : ” the church is a Christian with the round contract that the love is linked together , and must not use force the person who forces the means .
Church leader cannot the control group sheep , as for criminal’s mistake and disobeys Ji Huo breaks away the believer of this church cannot corporal punishment Shi Bao .
As for slanders sisters brothers and the reports society masses that the secret is got together cannot the force revenge , the conflicts outside with lenient exercising patience to deal with to teach . “
He recognizes to this expression
Does Zhuo Xuan has an interview with one in Nanyang , and elder and younger sisters who comes out pass through recording collate and existing writings , but this elder and younger sisters is He Fang person , and how the confidence level that she spoke is high from ” three classes of servants ” ?
Do why Xu Sheng only person from Anhui and is staying grow the beard ?
Isn’t that does not go beyond that is proper verymuch ?
Facing the very complicated mysterious church , with the very simply easy method , the magnetic tape of record several hours is studied making fixed the church history of tens years , and the conclusion down is too hasty
Wang Yong believes that pastor writes << real handbook >> , decides for the heresy with ” three classes of servants ” , and lacks with the Holy Bible and religious doctrine are the standard , and how to construct doing the judgement with the church organisation frame , but is short of the tin extensive investigation gone deep into of the Ming Dynasty held concurrently
Though his original meaning is the pure church , apart from borne out by evidence Shang Yuan
The visit tin has friendly intercourse ” three classes of servants ” what goes on behind the scenes that elder and younger sisters spoke that the church is walked out , and being whipped with worker criminal during the mistake like youth , punishing kneeling down before the Xu Sheng plain noodles , how religion youth tells a lie with worker to author interview in the ‘s and 80 20 centuries with worker preaching the person with Xu Shengguang , build the martial arts such as shadowboxing team , conducts propaganda owner the person who comes again day is near , all takes out offering as a tribute and preaches the family property , Xu Shengguang builds in the various places ” the greatest sage place ” etc. , from Holy Bible truth and church tradition and speech , these ways are wrong , but these all are hearing , and how to investigate proveing conclusively ?
It is said , follow Xu Shengguang and receives his to maltreat person who knows inside information , and is afraid the real situation letting out to suffer making reprisals , and breaks away after ” three classes of servants ” , and hide , and is hard to find
Also not getting rid of ” eastern lightning ” is a planted agent the possibility to spread the rumour .
These are a planted agent the manufacturing rumour , and let the ordinary mail disseminate the rumors and slanders on foot , and achieve the purpose of destruction family church
I investigate to the hearsay in several kinds of churches , and the discovery accompaniment reality differs the heaven and earth .
Some are incorrectly relayed an erroneous message , and some are added colour and emphasis to .
Some are made an overstatement .
The church in partner front courtyard belittles to be distorted the propaganda material that the official published , such as : State Council religion bureau head of a bureau appraises Xu Yongze by the small character of leaf with << the faithful record is answered a question in the small character of leaf >> one book ( religion civilization publishing house ) : ” he has found a heresy , a heresy organisation at 1984 year’s harvest , and calling the full scope church , he asserts to the masses wantonly , and the Doomsday will arrive at once , and everybody all must shout can heavily giving birth to is rescued greatly .
Instigate down his , and cries greatly a lot of person’s every days to make a noise greatly , and cries seven day seven nights .
Seriouslyly influences production and lives , make all neighbours uneasy , not only himself some mental diseases , making to such an extent that everybody all has the mental disease , the masses will beg the government to mangage , and the government have no choice but to stand up Xu Yongze’s detention . “
( 171 pages ) .

My Ceng Yuxu is damp perpetually and sitss side by side and talk intimately , and listens him to pray the preach , and does not see that he cries greatly , and does not listen him to speak passing away doomsday on boundary that does not more have the mental disease .
Peeping a stripe and sees the whole picture , the how big confidence level is put into words in Chinese Party official
The at home middle and small book of front courtyard church flies all over the sky , and the category to receive everybody to respect fully Yuan Xiangchen generation , Lin Xiangao and Xie Moshan is used writing an articles attacking other religious sect before a bier , and they do not participate in the party of attack object , the also not and attack object face-to-face interaction .
Wang Lejin’s of Luoyang letter is main two and 3 years , and writes the old seer that the abroad church was criticized in the article .
Does does how I go to Shanghai and see brothers Xu Guoxing , and brothers say slowly , and has pastor of overseas to let him write the article and criticizes Liu Zhenying , but he does not see Liu Zhenying , can not separates him , and to write ?
The book of models of computer network also has or not the what is said checked
” three classes of servants ” preach , and the foot trace of person is very mysterious , the degree of difficulty of clear fact very it greatly , Xu Shengguang speaks that he believes that the main witness completely has being in together of main , and different religious sects somewhat person have been spent his evil spirit , his dual image in my brain tosss and turn , I want to study the church history of ” three classes of servants ” , and am also unable to do what hopes to do
In in the 20’s 20 centuries , the African Zaire ( Congo ) Jin Bangu church is decided for the heresy by the Europe church , and in Switzerland woman priest mary Lu Yisi thoroughly Jin Bangu church , investigating 30 years , she sweeps away the dense fog , and bringing order out of chaos , proving the Jin Bangu church is not the heresy to the convincing conclusion of yield , and is the main church rising , makes Belgium colonize orthodox nature of Jin Bangu church is also admitted in the authorities , and creating person seer Xi Meng Jin Bangu is forced therefor , and was in prison 30 years , and was wronged 30 years .
The lesson of history is worth us drawing
( 3 ) to Xu Shengguang non- conclusion is commented on datum summing up positive and negative two aspects of Xu Shengguang , and consulting holy light of the Ceng Yuxu old various parts spoken with worker together , I think with fairlys having confidence : Xu Shengguang is in the ‘s and 80 20 centuries , and the brave glad tidings passing are given first place to to suffer , and is arrested by policeman in Miyang county , and is full of by the Holy Spirit in time beaten cruelly .
Zhou Jiaan and plum offered as a tribute now and brothers elder and younger sisters such as Wang Tianzeng , all Davids and Chen Hailu etc still is still living and in good health , and can speak out the story a lot moving in that age .

Later , Xu Shengguang had breakd away the Henan trunk stream family church , and his Xie Jing preaches to have appeared the deviation to the reclaimation work of focal point in the Shaanxi rural area , overemphasizes the grades , and the church discipline , high and low’s relation .
Since he the cultural level is high , only having read primary school , knowledge experience shortcoming , and he with worker’s mostly following standard of junior middle school , believes being short of system study to world Christian religion history and religious doctrine Shi through the article of creed .
Does Xu Shengguang only instruct others , and who instructs him ? In spite of he is very clever , rich life wisdom and trade ability are chastened out in the suffering
But that he believes in a religion in the meeting to be short of supervises and covers , and it is self-important gradually , making the preach lose the balance , and grasps incessantly the scope of what one says , and sliding to the extremes .
In all fairness , Christian that ” three classes of servants ” lower levels peaceful believer with worker still all is pious
The Christian religion can be general lifetime church , each orthodox religious sect of China family church , all with the overseas church has a contact of countless ties , or main of the reception preach differing from a pastor elder who comes is trained , or accept to belong clever books and periodicals and shadow sound datum , this partner front courtyard church grows up haves much the benefit .
The democracy reason of overseas church is read and supervising mechanism , making China preach , person avoids moving towards secret societyization and rivers and lakesization .
Church leaders supervise mutually , so as not to the wanton act recklessly
Instruct mutually , and does not set individual authority , and waits upon many brothers elder and younger sisterss with servant is genuinely convinced so as not to individual worships .
Regret is , and the Chinese Party official is called these ” osmosis of overseas ” .
The church of Xu Shengguang place is not and the pastor of overseas and elder joins in the traffic , has read during his juvenile << Shui Huchuan >> etc the classica novel , receiving exerting a gradual of China secret society rogue’s civilization , and believes that main offspring is short of to this repenting and examines
Owing to the public security mechanism over a long period of time pursuing and capturing the dozen pressure , and forcing making them walk the a mysterious hidden propaganda and education route , high pressure of the autocracy , erosion of traditional civilization , the religious belief is not freely got to carry out practicablely , makes ” three classes of servants ” the distortion is twisted in the church , not healthyly grows up strong and sturdy
It is only very abashed to comment on on Xu Sheng , and the hearsay is a lot of in the various legitimism faction of his at home front courtyard church , and is mostly the negative comment , but also has exaggerating of clear , and only speaks one side that Xu Shengguang is negative , does not speak that he enthusiasticly preaches to support and wait upon one side of owner

Except Xu Shengguang deciding main concrete day coming again , one period of time sliding to the heresy and repents and mends the ways , he does not have the clear error at the religious doctrine of externally propaganda , and he believes in the real god of the Trinity , believes in the Holy Bible puts in order this truth
He was still with the supporting and wait upon model of ” cultural revolution ” particular period in century on two National day , and is very mysterious with hiding .

He is time and again through arresting , and face tortureing of Chinese Party public security suffers that it is overweight to be pressed , and that to cast into one indomitable lopsidedly preaching person , he speaks away the road of the Cross , follows main all sorts of experience suffering , and urges person tear to decend surely , let listens person is moved verymuch , can attract some youth preaching that person esteemes him , and joins the church model constructing that he builds
In 1991 3 months is arrested by public security when Xu Shengguang gets together in Xi’an , and take in the examination
Xu Shengguang is grabbed because of preaching in Kunming in 1993 6 months 5 days , and the policeman hand is held the flashlight and on the upper part of the body in a confused state of mind is beaten at his head , and makes that he reddens together on the body the green grass amasss together into the swelling on the skin , and he knottyly goes by taxi says into being pears , apricot and apple
In 1998 8 months , Xu Shengguang in Hangzhou gets together to be arrested by public security , and judges the reeducation through labour of 3 years , and many rounds beats cruelly in this time .
Xu Shengguang does witness theory , not only he does not fear taking a beating , and still hopes for taking a beating every day , and one day did not beat feeling disturbed , and has the Cross to take a beating , and happy in the heart , knowing that god loves self is being in together of god .
Pinching right off , and remits a guilt of mine
Twisting right off , and haves mercy on me one wrong
Takes a beating happier and happier , and still can the Holy Spirit be full of , in the heart happyly enjoys .
He says the experience beaten cruelly , and unexpectedly with relish , not hatred , on the contrary being full of to feel grateful and proud .
Does the Christian that without end Xie Bei’s Cross was suffered first sound disobeing the normal rational faculty , and how many person has in the world in order to be beaten cruelly into happy ?
The autobiography aspect witness of Xu Shengguang << torch in the thistles and thorns >> , reads makes us feeling that the five flavours are complete in all varieties .
Do does does but this piece of witness lack Christian and repent and mend the ways that the heart admitting the guilt is explained self , and has evaded the errors such as the concrete day that the owner that self is fixed comes again etc , to building the martial arts such as shadowboxing team ?
Rules of a religion with the force punishes to violate with worker ?
Not do concrete clearly .
The king’s bright road , autobiography of Song Shangjie and diary is not frank and sincerelyly admitted self being defeated weak one side that Xu Shengguang does not but have .
Therefore the authenticity of << torch in the thistles and thorns >> remains to examine
In 2004 4 months 17 days , Xu Shengguang was arrested in the Heilongjiang River , and the unmixed county procuratorates of two duck hill treasures arrested his in order to be suspected of being involed intentionally to homicide the same year 5 months 24 days
In 2006 3 months 2 days —-4 days , ” three classes of servants ” that attract worldwide attention were suspected of being involed the bomicide case and open a court session to hear in two duck hill middle rank courts of justice , and the silver is attended being a visitor at a meeting daughter wife Wang Jun of Xu Shengguang slowly , and the silver is disclosed slowly , and witness looks for person to dress up .
Xu Shengguang returns letter Jesus Christ Christ at the Chinese Party judge and the policeman that may I offer a piece of advice in the court .
He and other defendant expose in the court , and they suffer extorting a confession the very cruel and inhuman torment of expert .
The silver is spoken slowly , and advises she before her father many times , and is on good terms good letter Jesus Christ , and looks up at father in the sky .
Her father says in the court , and he has nothing to do with with the bomicide case
The author think , and the church of Xu Shengguang as well as he place goes through , and be that Shi Shang is understood in the China Christian religion is one page the most complicated , and be full of tears of blood bank and pain , and is interweaving to sympathize with and grief and indignation , and amasss is forming sediment sparkling and crystal-clear and rotten dirt , so peculiar clefting personality , and the tone sandhi that the so poor and lowly intersection deformity life that to converge bold and unconstrainedly luxurious is so stretched to bend free and expensively is overcast is talked and commented .
Xu Shengguang has strided across the preaching course of wailing wind and weeping rain of 40 years , complicated that let person only want evading , but the matter that he did is shaking heaven and earth , and letting Christian leaders hide not opens , the orthodox family church meets with ” three classes of servants ” on the glad tidings threshing floor often , collides out long feeling of gratitude and silk worried .
Simply concluding , and be one kind of superficial and irresponsible manner to Xu Shengguang , can ashamed propaganda and education history to miserable strong acute pain like that , the innumerable scar that he gives first place to and soaks the full of stains bloodstain that flows and leaves is neglected .
The not due so hard heart of Christian has lost pity , and does not mooch the happiness of owner .
That I ask to visit several preaches person to ” three classes of servants ” one case always , and they are in the 80’s last century , and Ceng Yuxu has assembled meeting by holy light together , and they do not recognize continuously Xu Shengguang in faith , but is judged the death penalty to him , expression pity and deeply regretting .
Hope Xiang Zhu Xu Shengguang admits the guilt and repents and mends the ways at the degree of depth .
Beg owner to save him
( 4 ) peaceful lawyer of dialogue plum who defends lawyer and Xu Shengguang is familiar with the currently in effect law of China , and understanding again the Holy Bible and understanding Christian religion , he reaches the defending word that Xu Shengguang did , and should get highly attaching importance to of politics and law circle official to ” three classes of servant ” .
Facing the intricate case , stranger’s image surface is to the dim tunnel , and the miner that the peaceful lawyer of plum sparklings the miner’s lamp like the top of the head has provided the route to understand this case to Christian
In 2006 7 months 4 days , Xu Shengguang refused to obey two one trial place in duck hill middle rank court of justice Xu Shengguang and Li Maoxing and Wang Jun’s death penalty , and shows appealing , and defends the lawyer plum peace and opens the brightness standing arriving the penitentiary in 7 months 12 days with his talk , and the next is meeting with the record :
Lawyer plum : The court verdict has been received , and when to receive
Xu Shengguang : :Receive , and has been receiving 7 months on 4th mornings that has read two very bells
Plum : Whether or not you have the what view to the court verdict , appeals
Slowly : Still more ridiculous than the indictment , not being we say , we refuse to obey , and appeal at all
Plum : The fact that you wrote to the court verdict has the what view
Slowly : The matter homicided probably is the fact , but I does not know
Speak that I know that these matters are wrong

Plum : Your church has or not the name , and whether or not to call ” three classes of servants “
Slowly : We do not have the name , and are only the real god of the letter Trinity , and not knowing why they call so us , I am when investigating the case this time to a Holy Bible in the letter , and the policeman tells ours .
There is not person to speak so formerly
Plum : You had spoken that to homicide is the fact to someone in the church a moment ago , and why can appear this kind of circumstances
Slowly : Being the person of next tin has said the problem , they have given rise to the misunderstanding , has gone out the deviation , according to I explains , dealing with the eastern lightning being the foe of god , and also can only dodging , and pray , and can not use the method that belongs the animal spirits coming the handle , but quick they understands wrong , has gone out the problem , again can not take on , in order to lighten reponsibility for the crimes , pushes on the body to us
Plum : Opening quickly to believe in a religion in the meeting can issue orders
Slowly : We can went to the place , and they all can go more not inferior to Li Maoxing of prestige who opens quickly to believe in a religion in the meeting .
They can do a lot of matters .
She also preaches , and they think where going self , and self decides also whole work in the responsible church completely , and need not ask for instructions at all
Plum : Person who why to open quickly so believes in a religion in the meeting to be existed
Slowly : Opening quickly to do work initiatively , and has the ability , believing in a religion in the meeting to carry on the back has the very big duty , and has slowly very big authority .
She works , and the feeling is very capable and experienced , and self can be decided , if a lot of affairs she incorrect I theory , I do not know yet
Plum : Pronounced judgment more days , you has what speaks
Slowly : Will a man person believes owner carefully , and livees the life of owner , and sum up experience , and what it is according to owner does work , and does the matter according to the Holy Bible , and will hide , and protects self .
I know has a lot of sages of the past Gu Sheng to give first place to in history to die for the faith , is living others misreads me , but main clearly I , he is that the public affairs are adopted
Plum : You think this time that you can tide over the suffering safely
Slowly : That has been dependd on owner , and orders enough together if he will rescue me .
But he wants me to leave this world , and I also am obedient to .
But this time I have a dream , and theory tooth has fallen , and is bringing back to life first time but mine dies to differ with others .
David king is whenever once forced , and god has increased his a lot of energy
Plum : What whether or not you will speak to member in your church orders
Slowly : As for the east manner of lightning , we say that the lightning in east is foe does not have a mistake , but , can only carry on truth persuading , and guard against them , and accept their religious doctrine , and dodges them , and hide to them
Genuine not listening , the various letter is various , and we persist in the real way of self , no matter what they believes .
But that some person errors have been understood mainly inside the preceding single order section church , has misread the Holy Bible , and is banner theory beating me will be dealt with to the eastern lightning , this is wrong , is not my meaning , the more important is it has violated god the way
Plum : You many good years disciplines
Slowly : I am 63 years , and am born in the year of dog
Plum : Please you repeat you and the church to the east view of lightning again
Slowly : The eastern lightning is sayed the Holy Bible must given up , gives up Holy Father , Holy Son-Jesus Christ , Holy Spirit , and is the heresy , but absolutely is not will kill their member , killing not solving the problem , we absolutely can not accept to their religious doctrine , and being mutually exclusive , and absolutely can accepting , the method adopted is repairing the basement , if seeing to occur the rub , and holds Holy Bible truth persuading education , and discharging the intimate duty of all to them , light corrects tub , if they do not listen , they letter they , we persist in our faith principle , but does not certainly cruelly injure them , more not kills they
Appearing the public security bureau has grabbed me , and knowing in the church having gone out these matters , the most extremely person from foreign country casts female ear to god’s loyalty to their David in those years to god’s loyalty according to the Holy Bible to the matter that to have neglected nextly so big , has killed the more inferior first of the ten Heavenly Stems , with the seer of Ba Li Li Yaba has killed , non- Buddhist nun ha kills rubs gives as security person , they have misread in these matters Mi Dian person , follows the example of they east the lightning does on the body .
I think that I do not discharge the duty in work , and do not think that they can do so , and the matter that leads to so greatly leads to today and east so big rub of lightning emergence , and is regretted and have no time .
If organic meeting , I can use up , and the biggest effort comes to calm down this matter , and making person so not do , the chapter not breaking is taken the idea
Being jealous of evilly is not will kill them , and is being jealous of evilly on the way theirs , and what meets with a mishap is because I do not speak these reasons more detailedly .
The explanation does not now easily achieve the purpose verymuch , because opening the quick offence to want disentangleing self , pushing the duty to us is not having the method , indeed
Plum : That signifies , and you had formerly also spoken these
Slowly : Has spoken , but not speak , and has invited out so big disturbance
Plum : Whether or not negative you have the duty to matter that you to in the church have appeared so
Slowly : I am absorbed in passing the glad tidings , and have neglected to the management preaching person , and the instruction has the fixed duty
Plum : A moment ago you to judge your death penalty is not good to theory , why
Slowly : I do not know the facts of a fact to more cases involving the killing of a person surely not , and it is unfair straight to kill me
2 I influence that is passing the glad tidings have certainly at the aspect of Christ’s faith , the most extremely me unfavorably in China excluded the reputation .
Someone has spreadd some wrong faith information in 3 my churches , and having killed my nobody has the ability to go clearly
So I think , letting me live , more being favour of the nation , certainly , the life is grasped in the main hand than having killed me , and ( besides owner ) who haves no right to grasp

( 5 ) family church to ” three classes of servants ” wades and speaks on the view of case incident and the position Holy Bible : ” makes a thorough investigation of the matter , the honour of your monarch . “
( admonition 25: 2 ) the Christian of family church belongs to offering sacrifice to the department system , and being holy and pure offers sacrifice to the department , the young people of category God .
The person preaching is when passing the flat glad tidings made peace .
Near several years , the disturbing , inveigle , kidnap , beat up and take into custody of ” eastern lightning ” group was received in different level of each the church ground of legitimism , and to have arrived to develop to with the China glad tidings round contract chiefly illegal with worker takes into custody , the incident that also has that the quilt ” eastern lightning ” group sends the wound in the whole nation various places and causes disability
In 1998 , the China family church trunk stream religious sect held the unity party , and the method discussing dealing with ” eastern lightning ” is :
Runs into ” eastern lightning ” when inveigling and conflicts , will repvimand them , they leave the command , and driveing them , and the timely warning cannot be useed force energetically to treat them .
The method that can not use devil deals with devil , and must not injure the life of ” eastern lightning ” group , and can not go back the tooth with the tooth .
The network is prayed in the establishment , and begs God to demolish this and destroys the heresy force that the Christian religion is understood .
Can also all unanimously think that ” eastern lightning ” belongs to the spirit that the heresy is evil including three from church and Catholicism .
From the angle and the speech of legal system construction , the human rights of ” eastern lightning ” group should get the respect , and can not use the means breaking the law dealing with them
As if ” three classes of servants ” the group has appeared too drastic the harms action to ” eastern lightning ” , and handles case personnel legality collecting evidence , and clearly and definitely has to offend << criminal law >> action , when negative criminal responsibility .
But this is these group minoritys after all for , should not involve most of members of this religious sect , and should distinguish treating , all ” three classes of servants ” send and pass the peaceful glad tidings , and does not harm another person , or have withdrawn from the person of this group , and should not draw for the heresy
The case in view of tens human lives is very complicated , and hopes that politics and law circle official handles a legal case justly , and rigorously enforce legallyly to collect the evidence according to the law program , and respects the religious belief and human rights of person such as Xu Shengguang etc , and can not collect evidence with the method that the inquisition by torture was extorted a confession in handling a legal case the course .
We should also should according to law deal with as for person who puts into effect the cruel torture .
The Ministry of Public Security will ” three classes of servants ” and the case of Xu Shengguang decide for ” thunderclap ” , literary giant Song Dai official Su Shi’s theory : ” the line law of the sage is also , like the thunderclap of the shake of the grass and trees , his is given birth to though impressive strength anger even belongs to desire . “
( begging Changzhou lives the table ) sage enforces the law the impressive strength like the thunderclap of course , and the purpose lets common people live in peace the existence .
<< Wei Shu * is kept in mind in the Three Kingdoms-Wei >> year well-known speech : ” the human life arrives the weight , difficult living Yi Sha . ” Exaggerative too Zong Ye has been said : ” the dead cannot be a second so-and-so , and the use affair is wide simple . ” Whether or not Guan Hu is left the problem of history sequelae to the case of person such as ( *’s penal code is wanted in uiew of chastity politics ) Xu Shengguang etc . Particularly judging more death penalties , can create the international influence of what appearance , it goes without saying . ” three classes of servants ” group manages enterprise , and the person who that this group member according to the Holy Bible regulation done is reconciled to to give first place to offers as a tribute , and never can look at to swindling .
The principle of economy of the Christian religion is not allowed disrepectfully .
Does Islam pay ” sky class ” , and the Buddhism ” is begged alms ” , and party member pays Party membership dues , and who dare be said to to swindle ?
The various religions all have the fixed economic system to produce with teaching .
Christian carries out National day offering as a tribute , and is not inadequate , and more is not swindling , and must have accuser as if swindling
Speaking on the Holy Bible : ” what connection with me because outer person is tought in the trial ?
Is not a person inside the religion Isn’t that that you try ? “
( 5: before the forest The 12 ) position of Christian and common people and official are different , and Christian speaks working should takes the Holy Bible as the guide , and externally will promote the public justice of nation society and fair , and internally will clear away the crime dregs in the middle of the church , and make the church holy and purely revive .
Borrowing ” three classes of servants ” incident , the history lesson should be summed up in the church that the corps matter is received , and avoiding various error symptom of a trend and the tendencies , and puts in order the exaggeration wind and the worldly-wise , the false declaration outcome causes some rural areas of ground such as Henan , Anhui and Sichuan etc the fields strewn with the bodies of the starved the most ultra-left ” Great Leap Forward ” exaggeration wind of the Chinese Party , and person is preached to the family church minority , and externally asserts self to represent several thousand0 thousand and several hundred0 thousand believers , and it is dishonest to behave to clear false declaration person number .
One word emergence ” representative ” is had only in whole this Holy Bible , and the old menfolk of secular bureaucrat and adult like to represent others by force , and God makes person , and endows with everyone free will , and the main Protestantism leads us and will obey matter person
The exaggeration is dishonest , and to the promiscuous of few leader , occupies the wealth offered as a tribute more , and deals with ineffectively .
Unsuitable covering equals to the dirt hiding to receive the dirt .
These are that the family church need to especially be on guard against and avoid
At present , the brothers elder and younger sisters of China family church reaches several thousand0 thousand person , and ” three classes of servants ” have tens0 thousand person , and occupies the majority and the legitimism and the family church trunk stream , and has the difference of principle with ” three classes of servants ” .
Hope that the medium of overseas with two does not lump together
The religions of Middle Ages judges the place , by the Chinese Party official propaganda and the educating department severely criticizing , the country at this late hour , who follows the same disastrous road again to play the part of the religion judges role ?
Do the State Council general office and police have power to delimit who is that who is the Orthodx Church to the heresy ?
Enforcing the law and holds concurrently make laws , a control system all gone !
The Christian religion can be general lifetime church , and more than 200 nations in the whole world build the Christian religion meeting , and distinguishes legitimism , extremes , heresy and paganism , and that each state religion is understood roughly divides identically , and does not vary to list the heresy calmly even drawing for the heresy with it .
The angle from the religious doctrine can be differentiateed legitimism and heresy , and the angle from the international law can be differentiateed the Orthodx Church and heresy .
The file of Chinese Party official possesses the administration render a service to , and cannot regard the law basis , and more can not use the secret file delimiting certain religion with evil
An author hopes that politics and law circle Gao Guan holds in awe and veneration the God because a clear mirror hung on high God , the sky on , must enforce the law justly .
Limits of authority scope in that God delimit work is careful and careful .
” does not have Jian Buting , a tight heavenly might . “
( punishment of Zhou Shulv’s ) ten thousand Jehovah God of armed forces must not treat without proper respect , and God demands payment of an old debt the guilt of person from father and son , until 3 4 generations .
” public justice makes the nation held high , the crime is the shame of the people ” , the Holy Bible admonition is through the ages standard .
I solemnly takes the short poetry as this text and do the knot :
Unable to decide which is right heavily fog God’s bright mirror that wailing wind and weeping rain Xu Shengguang commiserates that regretting hiddens from view is apparent to the net of justice is all uphold that the adopted south writes..

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