Update: Online campaign collecting signatures to show support for Pastor Fu

Unidentified group members [Guo Wengui organizer] protest in front of Bob Fu’s house. 
(Photo: China Aid)

Rev. Bob Fu (picture infused), police officers and protestors in Midland, TX.
(Photo: China Aid)

(Washington, DC—October 19, 2020) On Wednesday, October 14 (EST), in response to unidentified individuals protesting at renowned Pastor Bob Fu’s home in Texas for several weeks, Pastor Wang Dao, based in Virginia, launched an online campaign collecting signatures to show support for Pastor Fu.

Pastor Wang expressed outrage triggered by Guo Wengui—a Chinese billionaire demonizing Rev. Bob Fu. In a letter entitled “Stand with Rev. Bob Fu and strongly oppose blatant attacks on God’s steward.” Guo has incited and organized his followers to attack, curse, and harass Rev. Fu and his family.

The letter lauds that Rev. Bob Fu founded China Aid Association (English Abbreviation: ChinaAid). ChinaAid covers Chinese house churches and Christians which Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities persecuted, exposes abuse, and provides follow-up stories and human rights assistance. Also, ChinaAid has efficiently carried out the “New Operation Yellow Bird” which saves Chinese prisoners of conscience and their families. This venture has systematically and successfully helped more than 100 prisoners of conscience and their families move to the world of freedom.

The support letter states that the work Rev. Fu and ChinaAid have done serves as “a tremendous threat to CCP’s totalitarian regime, an eyesore, and a thorn in flesh to Xi Jinping authorities, and the justice force CCP targets overseas.”

The signed letter reports: As Rev. Fu, dedicated to helping prisoners of conscience and their families, it is perplexing that Guo insulted and slandered him online earlier this year. Recently, the situation escalated to the point that several dozen people show up at Fu’s home every day, cursing, harassing, and demonizing him. Some have threatened violence.

According to Pastor Wang, “This [attack on Re. Fu] reveals the CCP’S full-fledged crackdown on the overseas justice force and [the Party’s] campaign to demonize the overseas justice force.”

Pastor Zhang Boli, founder of Harvest Chinese Christian Church and Tiananmen leader in 1989, signed the letter and said, “People who attack him [Pastor Fu] are spies.”

In one video, Guo, organizer of those harassing Rev. Bob Fu and protesting at his place, shouted to Xi Jinping. Guo said that he hopes to “have an opportunity to serve President Xi and make contribution to President Xi’s China dream and China’s grand course.”

The signatories on the joint letter include Pastor Zhang Qianjin of a church in the US, Dr. Wang Tiancheng, in politics, Mr. Zhang Xun, a political expert, Mr. Zhang Lin, a senior democratic activist, and others who support Rev. Fu.

The letter, “Stand with Rev. Bob Fu and strongly oppose blatantly attacking God’s steward” follows:

Since the end of September, Rev. Bob Fu—our beloved brother in Christ and the Lord Jesus Christ’s faithful and kind servant and his family in Midland, Texas have been attacked, cursed, harassed, demonized, and slandered by people who don’t know facts, but are incited and organized by Guo Wengui. Rev. Bob Fu, his wife and children have even received death threats from Guo. As a result, they have been away from home for a long while and cannot return to their place. As they cannot live a normal life, their lives, safety, mental, physical and spiritual health have been severely affected.

God teaches Christians to be kind, “He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” (Micah 6:8). Rev. Bob Fu did not ignore God’s calling. Rather, he founded China Aid Association. The organization covers Chinese house church and Christians persecuted by CCP authorities, exposes abuse, provides follow-up stories and human rights assistance. Also, ChinaAid efficiently carried out the “New Operation Yellow Bird” which saves Chinese prisoners of conscience and their families. This [venture] systematically and successfully helped more than 100 prisoners of conscience and their families move to the world of freedom.

Rev. Fu’s team has made significant contributions to the democracy in China, which is acknowledged and lauded by the world. In the meantime, the “New Operation Yellow Bird” Rev. Fu launched is a tremendous threat to CCP totalitarian regime. Therefore, Rev. Fu becomes an eyesore and a thorn in flesh to Xi Jinping’s authorities and the key justice force targeted abroad by CCP. Rev. Fu did not have any previous interaction with Guo, nor does he know any of those who have attacked and harassed his family. He is dedicated to and swamped with helping prisoners of conscience and their families. However, it is baffling that he was insulted and slandered online by Guo Wengui early this year. This has escalated to the current situation with a few dozen people showing up at Rev. Fu’s place every day, attacking, cursing, harassing, and demonizing him. Some threaten violence. This is CCP’s full-fledged crackdown on overseas justice force and campaign to demonize the justice force. Guo and his gang’s obscenities and lies not only ruin the overall impression on tens of millions of overseas Chinese but also blaspheme and trample universal values such as democracy, freedom and human rights.

The USA is a country subject to the rule of law, and law and order are what the US government, President and his team have valued. Guo despises the US laws and the life order of the local community. He has blatantly threatened Rev. Fu, a US citizen, his wife, and children online multiple times. This should be immediately, severely penalized by US laws.

Thereby, we call on and urge the US justice departments to take prosecutorial actions and penalize Guo Wengui and his gangs so […their actions do not] jeopardize US freedom, democracy, and rule of law.

As Christians, we are cognizant that this is a spiritual war. In fact, Guo and his gang have mobilized the internet to frequently attack and demonize overseas Chinese Christians and other pastors, including Pastor Hong Yujian, Zhang Boli etc. Guo has slandered, cursed, defamed, and verbally attacked these men [of God]. The CCP’s and Guo’s attacks against God’s stewards including Bob Fu, Hong Yujian, Zhang Boli etc. provoke God’s justice and offend our Christian faith.

As Christians, we are ashamed for churches’ silence on social affairs in the past, [enabling] malicious forces to insult and attack our pastors. Therefore, we confess our weakness and cowardness in front of God and genuinely repent.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, at the critical moment, we should bravely stand up for, speak up for justice, forever stand with God, firmly stand with Rev. Fu, our beloved brother in Christ, and intercede for all brothers and sisters in the Lord attacked by the evil force.

We rebuke Satan’s power in our Lord Jesus Christ’s name, asking them to retreat and leave. In the meantime, we suggest that those Guo incited should stop attacking and harassing Bob Fu and other pastors. We hope you can retract from the wrong path, stop on the precipice, abandon the sin of worshiping a human as a deity, and recklessly attacking God’s servants. We pray that you confess, repent, and return to God so that God’s wrath won’t consume you.

We call on Christians across the world to sign the letter. We are of one body to help each other conquer evilness with kindness. May God’s justice and glory fill the earth. Amen….

10.14.2020 October 14, 2020

Email for signing the letter: [email protected]


Wang Dao, Virginia, USA

Zhang Qianjin, lead pastor, ChingMai Chinese Church for Christ, Thailand

Yuan Gongyi, Washington, DC

Pastor Yan Peng, Australia

Hu Yuanqi, Pennsylvania, USA

Zhao Hengjiang, Pennsylvania, USA

Zhao li, Pennsylvania, USA

Wang Xuanhe, Pennsylvania, USA

Zhou Bin, Pennsylvania, USA

Lin Fenghong, Pennsylvania, USA

Hong Qiongna, Pennsylvania, USA

Cai Yuqing, Pennsylvania, USA

Wang Zhaofeng, south California, USA

Lin Li, north California, USA

Zhang Xun, Chicago

Wang Taincheng (a political and law visiting scholar in the US)

Timothy Chiang

Wang Anna, Washington, DC

Qiu Jiajun, Virginia

Liu Donghui, Virginia

Guo Baosheng, Virginia

Jin Chang, Virginia

Zuo Haiyan, Virginia

Ning Xianhua, New York

Wang Yan, New York

Liang Huimin, New York


James, New York

Zhang Wei, Maryland

Zhu Hanwen, mainland China

Wang Jianhong, UK

Zhao Wen, mainland China

Liu Qingyuan, mainland China

Jonathan Jin

Jonathan Jin Virginia

Pan Yongguang, mainland China

Wang Fang, mainland China

You Guangbo, mainland China

Li Dong’e, mainland China

Li Binbin, mainland China

Xie Jianqing, mainland China

Luo Changcheng, mainland China

Nong Jiafeng, mainland China

Zhang Baoji, mainland China

He Xiaojuan, mainland China

Mo Fufu, mainland China

Chen Jingjing, mainland China

Chen Xiuping, mainland China

Wen Wensheng, mainland China

Luo Guangying, mainland China

Zhou Jiayun, mainland China

Hao Wenfeng, mainland China

Zheng Guangting, mainland China

Yu Weiming, mainland China

Huang Min, mainland China

Xu Siyuan, New York

Hao Jie, Taiwan

Li Shaoming, Chile

Bai Yifan, mainland China

Linda King, California

Attorney Wang Hanhua, mainland China

Wang Chunyan, New York

Wang Yonghong, New York

Zhang Lin, New York

Wang Qingying, New York

Zhang Haiyang, Serbia

Wu Junmin, mainland China

John Song,

John Song, mainland China

Chen Yan, Netherlands

Cao Qifei, Burma

Jiang Shanshi, mainland China

(in the progress…)

(Gao Zhensai, China Aid Association) 

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Update: Online campaign collecting signatures to show support for Pastor Fu

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