Body of human rights activist dissected, family forbidden from attending funeral

Peng Ming
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Updated at 10:18 a.m. CST on Dec. 11, 2016

(Xianning, Hubei—Dec. 10, 2016) Going against the express wishes of family members, officials in China’s central Hubei province dissected the body of a prominent human rights activist Tuesday, removing his heart and brain.

In their second released statement following the death of renowned human rights activist Peng Ming, his family members described how authorities violated their will by opening him up and confiscating his heart and brain.

According to government rhetoric, Peng, who was serving a life sentence on falsified accusations of organizing and leading a terrorist organization, kidnapping and possessing counterfeit money, collapsed while watching television and remained unresponsive despite resuscitation attempts. However, his family members were not given an official cause of death, prompting them to demand an independently conducted autopsy by an international medical professional.

Additionally, the family said that government personnel retracted an agreement permitting four chosen representatives of Peng’s overseas family to attend his funeral, saying that only his elder daughter could attend.

A translation of the family’s statement is included below.

China Aid reports abuses, such as those experienced by the late Peng Ming and his family, in order to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians and promote religious freedom, human rights and rule of law in China.

The Second Statement From Peng Ming’s Family

The exposure of Peng Ming’s “death” intrigued intensive attention and reporting at home and abroad. Below, we would like to inform all friends and relatives who care about Peng Ming about the entire process of issues following his death.

After publicizing the first statement, the family had been negotiating with the prison in Hubei non-stop for four days and a tacit agreement had been reached by the two sides. Firstly, the four [immediate] families [comprising] Peng Ming’s relatives must pick one representative each to attend the farewell ceremony. However, something unexpected happened on Dec. 5; the relevant [government] departments dissected Peng Ming’s body against the family members’ will and took away his brain and heart.

Furthermore, on Dec. 10, the Hubei prison told us that the tacit agreement that four representatives from the four overseas [immediate] families would be able to go to mainland [China] for the farewell ceremony became void. Only Peng Ming’s elder daughter would be allowed to go over. It was hinted that this decision was made by Beijing.

For two weeks, we family members dried our tears in silence. Of course, we know, we are fragile eggs facing the high wall of despotism. In order to express our anger and protest, we decided unanimously that none of Peng Ming’s overseas family will attend the farewell ceremony on the mainland.

“Now, we are meat on somebody’s chopping block.”—The Basic Annals of Xiangyu, [Chapter] 19

As for Peng Ming’s being kidnapped and sentenced to prison for a lifetime [as well as his] death and his body being destroyed, it all has been directed single-handedly by the despotic government of China, then they left Peng Ming’s body (the parts of it that accurately remained) in the prison he spent 12 years’ of his life, letting him wear out the Communist Party’s prison floor.

From all of Peng Ming’s overseas family members.

With sincere gratitude,

Peng Xing [Editor’s note: This is Peng Ming’s sister]


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Fight for religious freedom in China

Body of human rights activist dissected, family forbidden from attending funeral

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Fight for religious freedom in China

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