Update: Family members of prisoner of conscience talk about help from Pastor Bob Fu through ChinaAid (Part 2)

From left to right: Jiiajun, Ms. Qianyi Yang, and Ms. Jing Wang.
Ms. Qianyi Yang, daughter of Hai Yang. 

Ms. Jing Wang, wife of Hai Yang.
(Photos from video: ChinaAid)

(YouTube—Nov. 6, 2020) Jiiajun interviews Ms. Jing Wang, wife of Hai Yang, a renowned student leader in the 1989 Tinanmen Square Student Movement, and their daughter, Ms. Qianyi Yang.
Jing Yang said,  “I believe Miles Guo’s followers’ harassment will not prevent him [Pastor Bob Fu] from appealing for Chinese dissidents and helping their families. It is not only his personal mission but also God’s calling for him. I firmly believe God is with him.” 

Qianyi Yang said, “He didn’t offer lip service, but he gave us real help to solve our problems, including financial support and appealing for prisoners of conscience in Congress. I know he rescued and helped many dissident families like us.” 

Ms. Jing Wang and Ms. Qianyi Yang, family members of prisoner of conscience, talk about help Pastor Bob Fu provides through ChinaAid (Part 2)

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