Update: Guo Feixiong journals prior to his blocked flight to visit his critically-ill wife in the US

Guo Feixiong at Shanghai Pudong Int’l Airport January 28, blocked from flying out. 
(Photo: ChinaAid)
(Shanghai, bordered by Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces—Jan. 29, 2021) On January 27, the day before Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders blocked him from boarding his scheduled flight to visit Zhang Qin, his critically-ill wife, Chinese human rights activist Guo Feixiong (born Yang Maodon) journaled his thoughts.

January 27: 
Earlier this morning, I purchased airline tickets* for a flight from Guangzhou to Washington, D.C. in the United States. My flight departs tomorrow, 28 January, at 16:50.

If the Public Security authorities decide to cruelly block me at the airport from departing the country to see and take care of my critically-ill wife (in the USA)— I plan to launch an indefinite hunger strike starting the evening of 28 January 2021.

At noon yesterday [January 26], two state security officers (guobao) from the Public Security Bureau in Guangzhou city personally informed me of the following: 

  • The Guangdong Provincial Department of Public Security and Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau agree to my overseas travel, and do not wish to perform anything un-humanitarian.
  • However, the Ministry of Public Security has responded and stated that it does not approve my travel.
  • If I have already purchased the tickets and arrive at the airport to leave the country, the Ministry would order them to block me at the airport, unless I go to a special location in Hubei to communicate with officials from the Ministry (whom I do not know) to “reach a certain agreement.”

”My wife has just undergone surgery to remove [a cancerous] tumor and will soon undergo a series of chemotherapy,” I respond. “She is anxiously waiting for me to arrive so that I may quickly begin to take care of her.

From the beginning of my planned trip, I have been determined to overcome all challenges and fully press ahead.. I am prepared for all types of variables that I may face at the airport.

If I am blocked unlawfully and cruelly, I will immediately go on an indefinite hunger strike:

  • because I need to see my beloved wife as soon as possible. She urgently needs my care.
  •  because I have to protest the inhumane, heartless actions by certain perpetrators and their accomplices,
  •  because I must protest the secretive system that enables the cruel and unlawful restrictions of a citizen’s right to travel overseas.

I do not hold any private grudges against anyone. Nor do I know who “they” [those who may block me from traveling] really are and why they try so strongly to obstruct me from going to see and care for my critically-ill wife.

But I know they would resort to all kinds of “boundary-breaking” measures. These may include:

  • plans to unlawfully enter my temporary residence and place illicit drugs, insects, military-industrial secrets or other kinds of illegal items in my luggage that ordinary people could not even think of;
  • inserting [into my luggage] various types of materials or USB keys containing information about such topics as religious sects, religious followers or political leaders;
  • conjuring up different kinds of pretexts or flaws in order to confiscate or steal my passport, and
  • even restricting my departure by citing the pandemic.

No matter what they do, however, they cannot harm an innocent person like me. I will completely expose them. I let the whole country and the good people of the world clearly see their utter lack of humanity.

Now… the right moment to rise to the occasion.

*Flight information:

[Ctrip.com] has already issued the following tickets: Order No. 14416632619

(1) Air China Flight CA3889 (operated by Flight ZH9531, please proceed Shenzhen Airline counter to check-in) Guangzhou T1 – Pudong Airport T2 28 January 16:50-19:00
(2) United Airline Flight UA858 Pudong Airport T2 – San Francisco International Terminal 28 January 22:10-20:00
(3) United Airline Flight UA2247 San Francisco T3 – Dulles Airport 28 January 23:59-29 January 7:57
Ticket No: YANG/MAODONG016-3398527200

You are recommended [sic] to arrive and check in at the airport three hours ahead of time. For more details, please see http://t.ctrip.cn/FFM0DOy. In order to comply with measures to prevent and control COVID-19, please click on the link to complete the traveler health information form http://t.ctrip.cn/GoWA3s4

And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, 
but rather expose them.
                                                                                    ~ Ephesians 5:11 (NKJV)
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