Update: Lawyers defending a Christian serving unreached group

(Gulin, Sichuan province – October 26, 2022) Li Chunqing, a Christian from Wenzhou, posted another prayer request letter for her husband Lin Xuesui and revealed the current status of his case. Lin was criminally arrested during a Sunday service on the charge of organizing and funding an illegal gathering. Human rights lawyers Zhang Kai and Yuan Mao took on his case. 


Lin Xuesui was criminally detained on June 14 while he was attending a Sunday service in Gulin. Two other Christians were arrested at the same time under the same charge. All three of them are detained at Gulin Detention Center while several other Christians were put under “residential surveillance at a designated location.” On July 22, the other two Christians were released on bail and put under residential surveillance. Lin Xuesui is still detained at Gulin Detention Center, and authorities formally arrested him under the charge of organizing and funding an illegal gathering on July 22. 


The police department sent case materials to the Procuratorate on September 22. With his case in the prosecution phase, police officers mobilized to gather “evidence” against him. 


According to Lin Chunqing, Lin Xuesui became a Christian when he was young and decided to serve his church. Before his arrest, he was once invited to a rural area of Gulin county to visit other Christians. After the trip, he realized the Gospel was not widely shared with people in Gulin county, so he decided to stay there. His wife said what he did was just a Christian’s fundamental responsibility, but authorities arrested him.   


She said in her prayer request letter: 


Although the path is dark, we still have hope! Dear Brothers and Sisters, please pray for those who are under residential surveillance at a designated location. Please pray God to lead Li Xuesui, to strengthen him, and to fill him with peace and joy. Please pray God to be with his lawyers and give them the wisdom to defend Lin Xuesui. 


~Yu Bing, China Aid Special Reporter