Update on Uyghur Christian Alimujiang

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Photo: Alimujiang Yimiti
(Xinjiang- April 22, 2008) CAA has learned that Uyghur Christian, Alimujiang was able to meet with his lawyer on Friday April, 18 According to reports from his attorney, Mr. Alimujiang appears healthy and in good spirits. Government officials prohibited both Mr. Yimiti and his attorney from discussing the case.
Officials charged Alimujiang last September with “illegal religious activities” and took him into custody this January, accusing him of “instigating seperatism and steal, penetrating, purchasing and illegally providing national secrets or intelligence to overseas organizations and individuals”, the latter crime punishable by death. Officials are expected to announce Alimujiang’s sentence by the end of April. Charges such as committing crimes against the State or revealing State secrets are commonly leveled against anyone considered to be an enemy of the State. Alimujiang’s family fears he will be found guilty of such crimes and subjected to capital punishment.To view more [click here] To voice your concern over this contact:
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Fax: (202) 588-9760Issued by CAA April 22, 2008

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