Update: Sister Li of Lu Village Church of Beijing was abducted by the officials

China Aid Association

(Beijing – Mar. 02, 2013) It is reported that some Christians have got a phone call from Brother Chen, a co-worker by Lu Village Church in Fengtai District of Beijing.  In the phone call, Brother Chen said that tonight (March 1, 2013) was the Bible study time at the church.  Sister Li Yulian came to serve in the Bible study.  In the vicinity of the church, she was taken away by a group of people.  After they called Sister Li, they learned about half an hour earlier, Sister Li was taken away by over 10 people from Saibei Adminstrative Zone of Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province.  They have left Beijing.  One of the people in that group is a director named Zhang and another is a deputy director of the Public Security Bureau.

Brother Chen’s phone number: 18701399256; Sister Li Yulian’s phone number: 13146395613

Sister Li’s only son was killed and the agency in charge of the case violated the law.  Because of this, she petitioned in Beijing for many years.  We hereby ask brothers and sisters in Christ pray for Li Yulian and may our heavenly father comfort and console Sister Li.  Amen!

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