Update: Zhang Shuhua of Youhao District in Yichun made a noisy scene at the ward. Pastor Sun Wenxian has gone back home for treatment.

—Article by Zhong Dao       February 26, 2013. Tuesday

After Pastor Sun Wenxian of Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province was beaten last Tuesday and was hospitalized after a heart attack, brothers and sisters both in China and abroad have concerns for her in the past few days.  For this, Zhang Shuhua, director of Youhao District Bureau of Religion of Yichun became furious and in spite of the health condition of Pastor Sun, he went to the hospital’s ward and made a loud scene there.  He even pulled out the tube for the infusion to Pastor Sun and said: “Don’t you want to get treatment?”  He even threatened to use the local mafia to deal with Pastor Sun.  We all know that the mafia force in Heilongjiang of Northeastern China is notoriously ferocious and there are many local bandit kingpins like the “cinereous vulture” in their lair of Tiger Mountain and they have very close ties with the party nation of the Kuomintang nationalists.  After they were wiped out by the Communists, they have been resurrected in the past 20 years and have become a public hazard in the society.

After hearing the threats of Zhang Shuhua, we seem to have once again seen the coming back of the nationalists’ revengeful home-going legions and the people in their vast numbers are again suffering for the second time.  Out of concern for safety and treatment, Pastor Sun Wenxian went back home for treatment on February 24 so that she can have a quiet and safe environment for treatment free from disturbances.  At this time, Beijing Joint Elders Prayer Federation are contacting relevant authorities in the hope that Pastor Sun Wenxian who has been seriously harmed both in mind and body can go for treatment in Beijing.  We hope the local people’s government in Yichun can really “serve the people,” safeguard the legitimate rights of women and children, be benevolent and make arrangements for this transfer.

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