URGENT: Lawyer Ni Yulan to be Formally Arrested

Translated by China Aid Association
Chinese Human Rights Defenders Tuesday, May 17, 2011
(By CHRD reporter Xu Shuidu) CHRD has just learned that the Xicheng Procuratorate (of Beijing) has approved the formal arrest of Beijing human rights lawyer Ni Yulan, who was taken into police custody in the early morning hours of April 7. 
Ni Yulan’s daughter said that she had heard from lawyer Cheng Hai that the Xicheng Procuratorate had approved the arrest of Ni Yulan on or about May 20. The reason included hitting and verbally abusing a hotel employee, and the charge might be “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.” A few days ago, Ni Yulan made a telephone call from the detention center, expressing the wish that a meeting with a lawyer be set up quickly.

About Dong Jiqin, who was taken away by police along with and criminally detained with Ni Yulan, there is currently no further news. Ni Yulan’s daughter is worried that her father Dong Jiqin will also be formally arrested like her mother.
Also, last Tuesday, police with cameras and staff from the Yuxingong Guesthouse (where Ni and Dong had been staying after being made homeless when their home was demolished), came to Ni Yulan’s daughter and demanded that she remove her parents belongings. Ni Yulan’s daughter said that since she had no idea exactly which items in their room belonged to her parents, and also had no knowledge of who might have had access to her parents’ room, therefore she could not move her parents’ belongings without their permission.
Because of Ni Yulan’s health issues, her lawyer before their most recent meeting had applied to the detention center for permission for her to get medical attention and treatment in the detention center.
This organization will continue to pay close attention to the condition of Ni Yulan’s health.

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