URGENT: Shenzhen police detain preacher, 8 others for preaching about Christmas in local park

China Aid Association
Nativity_tree2011(Shenzhen–Dec. 10, 2012) A well-known preacher and eight other Christians who were evangelizing about the real meaning of Christmas in a park in the southern boomtown of Shenzhen were hauled off by police on Saturday.

Nearly 40 officers of Shenzhen’s Mobile Training Team descended upon Cao Nan (spelling of name corrected Jan. 5, 2013) and eight other Christians, seven of them women, including one 70-year-old, and detained them all at a nearby police station.  The seven women were lay workers of the Guanai (Caring) Center and the Meilin Church Gospel Team.  The man was from the Heping (Peace) Church Youth Fellowship.  When Cao’s wife went to the police station the next morning about 8 o’clock, she was told that she could not see him.

Cao loves the Lord passionately and wanted to tell others about the Lord’s saving grace and the good news about the Kingdom of Heaven, even at the cost of being hated by others and suffering persecution.  He willingly accepted this unjust punishment for the sake of the Lord’s truth and God the Father’s  mission of saving lost souls.

According to the latest reports received by ChinaAid, all the detainees have now been released.

ChinaAid would like to take this opportunity to remind all Christians in mainland China that, with the approach of Christmas, the government’s persecution of Christians will escalate.  Therefore, believers need to respond with finesse while continuing to serve faithfully.  In the face of persecution, do not be afraid and do not retreat, so as to win the victory in this spiritual battle.

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