US Congressional Leaders Send Letter Urging President Bush to Meet With Chinese Human Rights Leaders

China Aid Association
Washington DC-In an effort to increase awareness of the human rights violations of the Chinese government, three Congressional leaders have written a letter to President Bush urging him to meet with Chinese Human Rights advocates before his visit to the Beijing Olympic Games. The three Congressmen, Chris Smith, Frank R. Wolf and James McGovern have been staunch advocates of human rights and rule of law in China.
Several well known human rights leaders were mentioned in the letter as credible sources to speak with President Bush, including China Aid Association President Bob Fu. Other human rights leaders include Nobel Prize nominees Harry Wu and Rebiya Kadeer as well as Wei Jingsheng the “father of Chinese Democracy”.
It is hoped that the personal meetings with these men and woman who have endured countless hardships at the hands of the corrupt Chinese Government, will encourage President Bush to be forthright and outspoken with the CPC about their continued defiance of human rights and rule of law.

To view the letter to President Bush [click here]

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