U.S. Congressman Pays Tribute to Chinese Martyr Watchman Nee

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Watchman Nee

(WASHINGTON, D.C. – August 12, 2009) On July 30, Congressman Christopher Smith (NJ-04) spoke from the House of Representatives’ floor to pay tribute to Chinese Christian martyr Watchman Nee. Congressman Smith wanted to recognize Nee, who is known around the world for his Christian witness and influence, and whose books are still banned in China today.
Christianity Today magazine recently honored Watchman Nee as one of the 100 most influential Christians of the twentieth century. Nee was imprisoned for his faith in 1952 and died in 1972 in a labor camp farm.
In his speech, Congressman Smith stated:
“Madam Speaker, it is estimated that China has more than 100 million Christians, and millions of them consider themselves spiritual heirs of Watchman Nee. Millions more are rightly proud of the contribution Watchman Nee made to global Christianity—he was the first Chinese Christian to exercise an influence on Western Christians—and indeed of his contribution to world spiritual culture. It is sad that the works of Watchman Nee are officially banned in China—even as they are being discovered afresh by a new generation of Western Christians. It is my hope that Watchman Nee’s collected works can be freely published and distributed within China.”
Read Congressman Smith’s speech from the House floor regarding Watchman Nee.
Visit www.VOCN.tv.
Voice of China Network recently produced a video documenting the story of modern Chinese Christian martyr Jiang Zongxiu. Jiang, 34, was arrested on June 17, 2004 for handing out gospel tracts in the local market. She was beaten to death the next day while in police custody. Her family urges the international community to press the Chinese government for accountability and bring those responsible for her death to justice. Visit
www.VOCN.tv and click on the “Martyrs in China” section to view a video of Jiang Zongxiu’s story.

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