Uyghur Christians Continue to Suffer in Xinjiang

China Aid Association
Photo: Uyghur Christian Alimujiang Yimiti and Son

(Xinjiang- September 4, 2008) CAA has learned that the case against Uyghur
Christian, Alimujiang Yimiti, has been transferred to prosecutors from the
Xinjiang Public Security Bureau. The transfer was the first progress in the
case since a Xinjiang Court
returned the case to the PSB due to insufficient evidence in May of this year.
Mr. Yimiti has remained in detention since his arrest on January 12, 2008.
Lawyers for Mr. Yimiti are actively seeking for an early acquittal, citing
evidence of unfair persecution due to Mr. Yimiti’s Christian beliefs.
In other news, Christian Uyghur Wusiman Yiming continues to
serve his sentence of reeducation through labor in a Xinjiang labor camp. In
September of 2007, Mr. Yiming was sentenced to criminal detention “for the
crime of divulging State secrets” by the State Security Bureau of Southern
Xinjiang Hetian City. He was sentenced last November to two years re-education
through labor by the Re-education Labor Committee of Hetian City.”
A vast majority of Xinjiang Christians, both Han and Uyghur,
have expressed their support for Mr. Yiming and Yimiti, knowing that both have suffered unjustly at
the hands of Government officials who have persecuted the two because of their
Christian beliefs. Many fellow Christians have visited the families of the two
men in order to encourage their wives and children. CAA President Bob Fu strongly condemned
Xinjiang authorities, stating, “The unjust persecution of these two Uyghur
Christians undermines the fragile peace in Xinjiang”. Mr. Fu also called on the
international community to take more notice of these two cases and provide
practical help for these two Christians who are suffering unjustly in the hands
of a corrupt Government.
To speak directly to authorities involved, contact:
Kashi Governor Yalikum Maihemuti
City Government office
0998-22388Kashi Security Bureau-
0998-2822048Kashi People’s Court-
0998-2822604Kashi Nationality and
Religious Affairs Committee- 0998-2822391Kashi Region
Nationality and Religious Affairs Committee Chief Director/ Wang Chun Fu-
0998-2823681 (Secretary of CCP)Wulamujiang Abuducador
— 0998-2838702
Issued by CAA September 4, 2008

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