Vancouver Christians hold outdoor service to commemorate house church

Shouwang Church Christians sing
hymns in the snow.
(Photo: China Aid stock photo)

China Aid

(Vancouver—Dec. 19, 2016) Christians in Vancouver held an outdoor morning prayer service on Dec. 10, commemorating the seventh year since a Beijing house church was forced to hold similar services in the snow.

After undergoing a government-enforced eviction from their church building in 2009 and suffering constant interference in subsequent attempts to rent another location, Shouwang Church began holding services in Haidian Park, Beijing, often in the bitter cold. Officials began detaining church members almost weekly, forcing the church to stop meeting. The church’s pastor, Jin Tianming, is currently under 24-hour surveillance.

Since then, Christians in Vancouver have gathered outdoors once every December to pray for Shouwang Church. This year, Jin sent a list of prayer requests for Shouwang Church to be read at the meeting, and Hong Yujian, a pastor, preached a sermon from the Gospel of John.

This has been the largest gathering since the Christians began holding these meetings seven years ago.

China Aid exposes abuses, such as those experienced by Shouwang Church, in order to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians and promote religious freedom in China.

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