VIDEO: Man beaten unconscious by officials inspecting night market in Guilin

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(Guilin, Guangxi—Sept. 19, 2013) City inspectors beat a man unconscious during a late night inspection of a night market on Tuesday in the southern city of Guilin.

City inspectors where checking midnight snack stalls around 2 a.m. near the Xiangshan District government building. In the course of the inspection, more than 20 city inspectors surrounded the man and beat him unconscious.

Hundreds of bystanders surrounded the city inspectors, condemning them for their actions. Then police arrived, preventing any further action on the part of the inspectors or the bystanders. The police escorted the city inspectors away from the scene. The injured man was taken away by ambulance. The video below opens with the man on the ground and hospital workers preparing to transport him in the ambulance.

Afterwards, several city inspectors, who were probably not involved in the beating, remained on the scene along with as many as eight city inspection vehicles. Bystanders can be seen arguing with the remaining city inspectors in the second part of the video.

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