VIDEO: Video footage of China interuppting jailed democracy leader’s daughter at Human Rights Council released

Ti-Anna Wang and Dr. Wang Bingzhang

(Photo courtesy of UN Watch.)

China Aid Association

(Geneva—March 20, 2014) UN Watch reported that the daughter of a Chinese political dissident was interrupted by China during her presentation on behalf of UN Watch at the United Nations’ Human Rights Council on Tuesday.

China, along with Cuba, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela argued that Ti-Anna Wang, daughter of Dr. Wang Bingzhang, should only be able to comment on the “abstact ‘situations of human rights,’” rather than a specific situation.

The argument was countered by the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Hungary, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The Unites States delegate was the first to defend Wang’s statement, saying that “accredited NGOs must be permitted to speak in the council” and that “it is essential that civil society voices be heard here in an atmosphere of open expression.”

Human Rights Council president Baudelaire Ndong Ella ruled that Wang was allowed to present specific examples and turned the floor back over to her to complete her speech.

Video from the hearing was released today and can be viewed below. Wang is first given the floor exactly 36 minutes into the video; China interrupts her at 37:11.

Dr. Wang Bingzhang was abducted by Chinese authorities in 2002 from Vietnam, where he was traveling.


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