Village Officials Threaten to Forcibly Seize and Demolish Church Property in Henan

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Laojie Christian Church

(HENAN — June 8, 2009) Authorities in Dong village, Sanggu town, Xiayi county of Shangqiu have threatened to forcibly seize and demolish Laojie Christian Church of Sanggu. Because of the threats, since May 26, Christians from the church have been standing guard at the site almost 24 hours a day.
Laojie Christian Church is an unregistered house church with more than 200 believers. The Christians have been meeting at their current location since April 1987, and have been tolerated by authorities. Recently village officials Wang X and Liu X from Dong village of Sanggu town began working with real estate developers to build a highway that would go through the location of the church property. In this real estate development, government officials could sell the church property at a higher price, resulting in tremendous profits.
The Village Party Committee of Dong village proposed to exchange the church’s current land for the village office’s land, which is half the size of the church’s current property and in another location. Laojie Christian Church of Sanggu turned down the proposal, and instead proposed to exchange the church’s land for a land of equal size in the vicinity of the old location. The Village Party Committee of Dong Village not only refused to accept the proposal, the committee also threatened the Christians that they would demolish the church’s building by force.
The Christians of Laojie Christian Church say they are sincerely praying for God’s protection of the church, that the authorities will not be able to demolish God’s house. The believers are imploring God to move on the hearts of Chinese attorneys to help them and protect the church through legal means.
Laojie Christian Church of Sanggu sent the following three cell phone numbers of church members and invite the international community to contact them:

Read a letter from Laojie Christian Church of Sanggu and view the original house sale agreement.

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