Visitors of Lawyer Under House Arrest are Beaten, Taken into Police Custody

China Aid Association
tengbiao_bigger(Beijing – Dec. 23, 2010) Two friends of a leading human rights lawyer who is under house arrest were beaten up Thursday night and taken into police custody when they tried to visit the lawyer, Fan Yafeng, sources told ChinaAid.
The incident occurred at about 9 p.m. Dec. 23. Lawyer Teng Biao and another friend, Zhang Yongpan, were outside the home of Dr. Fan trying to visit his mother when, quite unexpectedly, several security guards rushed out from the hallway and surrounded them, demanding to see identification. They were then beaten up and taken away by four police officers who handcuffed them and drove them to the local Shuangyushu police station. The eyeglasses and cell phones of both men were stolen in the process.

Other friends rushed to the scene as soon as they learned of the incident and were eyewitnesses. They were Mo Zhixu, Wei Qiang, Xu Zhiyong, Dong Qianyong, Wen Haibo, Zhang Kai, Li Xiongbing and Bao Longjun.
Several hours later, Teng wrote on Twitter, “I’ve been returned home. Very, very grateful for everyone’s concern. The Shuangyushu police gave me a tongue-lashing, but my injuries are not too serious. I still have some pain in my leg and buttocks, and the palm of my hand was skinned and bled. My sweater was ripped and my tie was torn. That’s all.”
ChinaAid is deeply concerned about Dr. Fan’s situation, and expresses its deep respect for Teng and the others for their great courage. ChinaAid founder and president Pastor Bob Fu recently received a letter from someone who claimed to be a Christian but in fact is a “red” intellectual whose basic message was that ChinaAid was advised not to criticize the Chinese government. ChinaAid expresses its contempt for this advice, and is resolute in its determination to continue to expose the truth about the persecution suffered by the mainland Chinese church and to severely condemn the persecutors, be they individuals, work units or the government.

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