Waiting for my Imprisoned Wife

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Photos: Sister Wang Yanping’s son and daughter
Waiting for my Imprisoned Wife
—–How she was trapped into a major financial crime in China
By Wang Yunlong

It was the afternoon of March 2005; I was working as usual on an island in the South Pacific Ocean. After work I thought of phoning my family. I was missing my little one-year-old daughter, my three-year-old son and my wife, Yanping Wang. Recalling the day I left home to study and work here my daughter was only one month old. I said goodbye to my family unwilling to leave them. It was the phone that connected my family and me.
But what I heard today is disturbing, my baby and son were crying for their mother. The babysitter told me flustered, “Yanping Wang was taken by the police.”
When she left, she took some clothes and kissed her little daughter and tightly hugged her scared son. She told her children, “Mom will come back soon. Wait for Mom.”
However the children and I keep waiting and waiting for countless days and nights. Eighteen months have gone by and the case of Yanping Wang has been postponed again and again. She has been in custody without trial for 18 months and was placed with the important prisoners. No one can meet with her but the lawyer. Even I can see her in the screen of television networks.
Ten years ago, my wife Yanping Wang was legal council and Chief Vice General in a stock exchange in Shenzhen City. Yanping Wang’s boss, Zhao, was a big man in the 90’s, his company developed quickly and he is estimated to be worth billions. Because of his greed he manipulated the Non-ferrous Metal Limited Company and bilked them out of millions. He then began to look for a fall person.
August 28, 1994, Yanping Wang looked for a job for several months. She was born in an ordinary family in Inner Mongolia and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Banking from the People’s University. Yanping Wang’s innocence, kindness, and inexperience met Zhao’s favor and he appointed her Vice Chairman in the stock exchange. Yanping Wang was overwhelmed by such special favor. She never knew such good fortune would ruin her career and promising future in the field of finance. As a matter of fact, this is only the beginning of the trap.
In September Yanping Wang was instructed by Zhao to get the business license and was shocked to find out that the legal representative was herself. How could a company worth billions become her company overnight? In fact, Zhao faked Yanping Wang’ signature and fabricated her work experience “in finance department in Non-ferrous Metal Limited Company in Hunan Province,” pushing Yanping Wang to the position of legal representative without consulting Yanping Wang herself.
Under the burden of such a huge responsibility, Yanping Wang found Zhao and he confirmed to her, “The whole company is mine. What responsibility can you take on? You are just playing little role. However, our companies are willing to hire you talented person€¦” Zhao showed her the document of China Bank assuring Yanping Wang won’t have any problems and Zhao eased her mind that he was a very important person in state. Yanping Wang trusted all Zhao said and sank deeply into the trap.

Yanping Wang was not allowed to take part in any board or shareholder meetings, even though she is the Vice Chairman. She hasn’t any right of decision-making and management. She only received a salary, no bonus, or dividend. All she needed to do was obey Zhao’s instructions to take his place to circulate the money.
As far as where the money came from and where it went and who would take the money finally, she never had the right to know. The much bigger trap was waiting for her.
Zhao appointed his favorite, Zhu, as the chairman of the stock exchange and wrote a warrant to Yanping Wang. Zhu instructed Yanping Wang to authorize Zhu’s subsidiaries as staff in the four main region stock exchanges. The staff, not Yanping Wang, passed the money to Zhu. Zhu suffer a great loss of two hundred million in buying national debt. Meanwhile the purchase of national debt Yanping Wang authorized made a tremendous amount of money. The futures took a great loss. All the money was linked to Zhao’s company. Non-ferrous Metal Limited Company’s deficit amounted to four hundred and twenty million. Yanping Wang plunged into a deep depression facing the results. Once she fully opposed the action of Zhao’ compulsory purchasing and was forced to obey. She was clearly aware that she was Zhao’ scapegoat and the incriminating evidence against her protected the schemers. She didn’t know whether to leave or stay there but she knew she would be victimized one day.
Yanping Wang tendered her resignation after working one year in the stock exchange. She can not suffer the pressure of conscience and psychology, but when she came to herself, it was late.
Yanping Wang left Zhao’s company, pledging that she would not do any work related to finance. She had to take odd jobs to barely make a living, but the stone still weighed heavily in her heart. Yanping Wang lived in a panic mood for ten years.
After ten years, the police appeared in the basement where Yanping Wang lived. Yanping Wang knew the day would come sooner or later; she handed over all the documents in the ten years, including the copies of Non-ferrous Metal Limited Company’s stock exchange account and instructions from Zhao and Zhu. These materials were very important to the indictment evidence to solve the case.
It took six months for the police station in Hunan Province to collect evidence, but according to the judicature if the evidence is not enough, the police station would not keep the party over 38 days. The indictment was returned to the police station three times for insufficient evidence by the inspection committee, who had a special room full of materials for three months’ examination. Meanwhile, the police station dispatched the policemen in seven regions. Anyway, it is clear enough for Hunan Province that it is the case that a graduate drop into trap carelessly and she never corrupt but misuse her position. The reason why the case was prolonged again and again may be because they wanted to get the money back. Who knows?
May 23, 2006, when the session opened Yanping Wang’s sister and I came to Changsha City in Hunan Province from Beijing and Inner Mongolia respectively to witness the proceedings. Yanping Wang looked more emaciated, but she was still peaceful. We stared each other from a distance, comforting each other by our confidence and prayer. In the court, both the judge and the public prosecutor are kind to her.
Yanping Wang is a woman of strong belief and will. She was not depressed and encouraged many prisoners who had lost hope. A woman who used to be in the same prison with Yanping Wang came to Beijing to express her gratitude to me. She said that it was Yanping Wang who had helped her out of despair, right then she was really a new person with a new life. She told me that Yanping Wang was her benefactor in all her life. Yanping Wang seemed like the angle of love in the jail. She spent all her money buying presents for other prisoners on Christmas Day, no matter if they are prostitutes, gays, drug-addicts, rapists, extortionists or corrupt. Whenever they were hopeless or they had some conflict, Yanping Wang always prayed and comforted them with her warm heart. Besides, she helped the illiterate people to write letters and indictments. Many prisoners’ lives are completely changed because of the influence of Yanping Wang’s love and belief. Later, the chief of the jail gave Yanping Wang the title of “the big sister of the prison” and gave her the privilege of sleeping in the No.2 bed. But she must keep the prison well-organized and prevent conflict. The chief also asked to bestow honor to Yanping Wang, her personality won respect from almost all the prisoners and policemen.
However, the result of the session really disappointed me. The indictment affirmed Yanping Wang as “the direct manager” of an illegal management crime in Non-ferrous Metal Limited Company. In fact, Yanping Wang had neither criminal motive nor benefit. She was an employee of Zhu and Zhao and followed their directions. Would the law convict the one who passed on crime to Yanping Wang and enjoyed exorbitant profits to Yanping Wang’s confederate and even set free outside? Zhao hired a lawyer, at great cost, with a great reputation who went on and on about Zhao’s innocence. He defended that the Hunan Province had no right to handle the case and tried to transfer it to Shenzhen City where their power was. The judge could’t answer but to declare the court was late for the second session. He would bring the case to the leader of the local province, who would send for the state paper from state. After that, the second session would be held. Otherwise it would be transferred to Shenzhen City. The judge’s gavel fell and the date of the next session would be unknown.
Yanping Wang left the court disappointed. I rose to my feet and caught my wife in desperation. Yanping Wang asked me full of tears, “How are our children doing?” “They are fine!” I said, “Take good care of you!” Yanping Wang was pulled by police. She left her tears in my heart. I prayed to Jesus that she could return to the jail strong.

I went back to Beijing helplessly. When I saw my children, one was playing in the mass of clay and the other one was in the babysitter’s arms. My little two and on half old daughter doesn’t know her mother and seeks maternal love from the babysitter. My four year old son asked me hopefully, “When will mother come back?” I kneeled on the ground with tears flowing down my face. I embraced my son and answered, “She will come soon.”
I gave up the chance to study and work in the south Pacific islands during this period of time and concentrate all my time and energy to look after my children and help Yanping Wang. Now Yanping Wang’s father became seriously depressed and did not say a word one whole day. Yanping Wang’s mother went to the hospital several times because of anxiety over this case. All in all, I believe kind and righteous Jesus will never change and the law will give Yanping Wang justice, just as the words Yanping Wang wrote in her letter:
“I believe I can leap the deep water! Because Jesus’ affectionate hands must have helped me!”
The prayer she wrote in the jail brought great comfort to me and my family:
“Jesus, I am a sinner. I have made many mistakes. I hope you can forgive my mistakes. Please take mercy on me and treat me kindly. I’m very grateful for the immense love of Jesus. It is Jesus who sacrifices himself for my life. I will spend all my life praising his kindness, goodness and justice!”
“Jesus, please teach me everything and correct me in the right way. Please take charge of my mind and let everything I think and do please you. I will grovel in front of you with humility. In every time and in every way, please instruct me and let my insensate turn wise. Jesus, I love you. I will sleep in your kind and warm arms! I pray in Jesus’ name.”
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