Wang Bingzhang

Wang Bingzhang

Wang Bingzhang, a permanent resident of the United States and a Christian, is a veteran of China’s pro-democracy movement currently serving a life sentence on charges of espionage and terrorism.

Wang’s political activism dates back to 1972 when he received a Ph.D. in medicine from McGill University in Canada and founded China Spring, a pro-democracy magazine.

In 1989, Wang co-founded the Chinese Freedom Democracy Party and served as its second president.

In January 1998, Wang sneaked into mainland China to try to found a democratic political party, but was arrested and expelled two weeks later.

In February 1998, Wang co-founded the Chinese Democracy Justice Party and served as its spokesperson and as an advisor to the Cadre School Council of China Democratic Movement. The following June, he served as a member of the Overseas Preparatory Committee of the China Democracy Party and its Working Committee.

In 2000, Wang became an advisor to the overseas headquarters of the China Democracy Party.

In June 2002, Wang traveled to Vietnam to meet with Chinese labor activists, but he and two travel companions were abducted by Chinese secret police. After holding him for six months in secret custody, the Chinese government announced that Wang had been arrested. In a secret trial in January 2003, Wang was convicted of passing military secrets to Taiwan and plotting to bomb the Chinese embassy in Thailand and other crimes. He was sentenced to life imprisonment in solitary confinement.

Wang was born on Dec. 30, 1947, in north China’s Hebei province.

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(Ti-Anna Wang’s video testimony about her father for the European Parliament hearing concerning the China 18 can be viewed here.)

An image of wang bingzhang who is a US citizen citizen who is serving a life sentence in a China prison after being convicted during a secret trial.


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