Washington Examiner: Biden must help fleeing Chinese Christians


June 22, 2021 
(Washington Examiner—June 23, 2021) In 2019, a small Chinese house church’s congregation fled together to South Korea in search of relief from the persecution it had endured at the hands of the Chinese government. Sadly, the South Korean government has rejected the group’s asylum bids, and the once-successful Chinese Christians are relegated to working on farms as they appeal the decisions.
[Currently] faced with poor prospects in South Korea, this congregation now hopes to resettle in America. In light of our nation’s history as a haven for the religiously persecuted, American leaders should do everything they can to bring this persecuted church to the United States.   
Reverend Bob Fu, PhD., founder and president of ChinaAid, reports that Lawyer Li Heping’s wife, Wang Qiaoling, shared the following with him during the morning of June 22:


We are not afraid of difficulties and persecution.
… We most fear losing hope during the time of difficulties and persecution.
God is our Hope.
Human rights Lawyer Li Jinxing, his wife, and their son were baptized at a house church in Beijing last Saturday.


Several years ago, they all attended ChinaAid ‘s sponsored Marriage & Family summer camp. 


Lawyer Wang Quanzhang’s wife Li Wenzu plans to be baptized this Christmas. 


Christians plant amazing seeds of the gospel and water them. They grow up and Christians harvest them.


Thank the Lord for continuing to harvest souls. 

Dr. Fu said that another lawyer, Zhang Zhongshun, full of complaints, initially met with Christian Lawyer Jiang Tianyong. Nevertheless, Lawyer Jiang Tianyong shared the gospel with Lawyer Zhanin, and led him in Bible studies.

Consequently, Lawyer Zhang believed in the Lord Jesus Christ and became a Christian.

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For indeed, when we came to Macedonia, 
our bodies had no rest, 
but we were troubled on every side. 
Outside were conflicts, 
inside were fears.
                                              ~ 2 Corinthians 7:5 (NKJV)
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