Wife and Children of Chinese Human Rights Attorney Gao Zhisheng Rescued to the U.S. Successfully

China Aid Association
Mr. Gao’s wife Ms. Geng He, daughter Geng Ge (16) and son Gao Tianyu (5)

(USA —
March 12, 2009) ChinaAid confirmed that the three family members of prominent Chinese Christian human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng were rescued to the U.S. successfully, yesterday, March 11. With the help of many people of conscience, Mr. Gao’s wife Ms. Geng He, daughter Geng Ge (16) and son Gao Tianyu (5) first escaped from China under the tight surveillance imposed by the Chinese Public Security Bureau (PSB) and other security agencies, then escaped to the U.S., via a third country. Mr. Gao’s family expresses their deep gratitude for ChinaAid’s role in their successful rescue. Later, the family will brief the public at an appropriate time and location.
“We are very thrilled to see their safe arrival to this free nation,” said Bob Fu, President of ChinaAid, who spoke with the Gao family after their arrival. “Since Attorney Gao was kidnapped by the Chinese security forces from his hometown on February 4, this year, the Chinese government has refused to reveal Gao’s situation. The international community should hold the Chinese authorities fully accountable for any brutality against Gao.”
Mr. Gao’s family is deeply concerned about him. He was severely tortured for more than 50 days when officials kidnapped him in 2007, and he was threatened with death if he exposed this brutality. ChinaAid, together with the family, asks the international community to speak out for Gao Zhisheng and call for Chinese and U.S. officials to intervene on his behalf.

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Read a statement from Gao Zhisheng about how he was arrested and tortured in 2007 by Chinese authorities.

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