Wildfire-With small "house" churches multiplying in cities and influential executives coming to faith, Christianity is growing so fast in China that Communist officials are having a hard time keeping up | Marvin Olasky

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CHINA— Chinese CEOs preaching Christ to their employees and setting up Bible studies on company time. House churches, told by the police that they’re getting too big for official comfort, splitting in half, then growing and splitting again. Bibles readily available in every city. Christian plaques sold openly in a local marketplace.
Americans are used to thinking of Chinese Christians as people imprisoned and beaten for their faith, and word-of-mouth says that is still true in some rural areas. In the cities, a more nuanced struggle has emerged, with harassment replacing outright persecution and leaders negotiating with secret police at the local Starbucks.
Trees stand in perfectly straight rows alongside modern Chinese expressways, but little is straightforward in the relations between a decadent Communist Party and a surging Christianity that contributes to a growing economy. What follows are snapshots of one small slice of Chinese life, based on visits early this month to several Chinese cities, and intensive discussions (usually employing translators) with two dozen influential Chinese Christian urban professionals.
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