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 ‘This evil system needs to end and it will when the Chinese demand it’
BobFuAn international organization that is dedicated to promoting religious freedom and the rule of law in China has announced the launch of a new effort to fight back against that nation’s notorious one-child policy.

Officials with China Aid Association today announced the creation of the Chinese Children Defense Fund that is to provide attorneys to represent families snared in the Chinese government’s limits on children.

It also will provide funds for paying fines, and offer other help.

The action comes just days after the true horrors of China’s practices were revealed. That happened when an image was posted on the Internet of a Chinese mother and the lifeless body of her baby – a fatal victim of the nation’s one-child forced abortion policy.
Officials later reported that three Chinese leaders were suspended – and the government apologized – after the image and story of Feng Jianmei circled the globe on one computer screen after another.

The issue also is being addressed by another significant strategy: that described by organizers and supporters of the Pink Pagoda Girls campaign.

The goal of that operation is to raise $1 billion over the next 10 years to save the lives of a million baby girls by facilitating their adoptions by couples outside the communist nation.

That addresses the practice in China, where seniors depend on their male offspring for support in their senior years, of families who simply “set aside” (kill) female offspring in order to comply with the one-child policy and attempt to get a male.

Dr. Jim Garrow, the personality behind the effort, already knows a thing or two about saving baby girls. In fact, he has already been credited with saving thousands of baby girls in China who otherwise would have been killed by their families laboring under a societal demand for male offspring and the government’s heartless one-child-per-couple policy.

Garrow was executive director of the Bethune Institute’s popular Pink Pagoda schools in China, which are private, English-only institutions to prepare Chinese students to apply to the top universities in the world.

He’s now launched the Pink Pagoda Girls campaign, which is intended to raise $1 billion over the next 10 years to save the lives of a million baby girls by facilitating their adoptions by couples outside the communist nation.

The program continues the work that Garrow has been addressing personally for more than a decade – the saving of infant girls whose parents are caught in the one-child policy in a society where male offspring are required to support parents during their senior years.

Join right now in what could be the largest single volunteer campaign to save lives ever launched.

Garrow in recent years has spent substantial amounts of his own money (think tens of millions of dollars) to save some 45,000 infant girls who otherwise would have been discarded in China. They have been delivered to adoptive couples anxiously waiting to be parents.

The recent horror in China was presented to the world after Feng Jianmei, and her husband, Deng Ji Yuan, were found to be in violation of China’s one-child policy by the family planning authorities in their hometown of Zhenping City.

The graphic image of the mother and the lifeless body of the baby sparked a public uproar.

Bob Fu, president of China Aid Association, said the new project also will help address the tragedies going on in China.

“A life was lost unnecessarily on June 3,” said Fu, whose group monitors activities in China and helps victims of human right violations.

“Unfortunately, millions of lives are lost each year in similar circumstances. Local officials have admitted that this forced abortion was illegal, we will demand that someone is held responsible.”

Officials said the Chinese Children Defense Fund will focus on the specifically ordered abortions that create “an evil system [that] needs to end and it will end when the Chinese people stand up and demand it.”

“With the viral response from China’s netzins, the clock has started ticking on China’s forced abortion policy. We stand by ready to help anyone who is victimized in this way,” said Fu.

“The international community should also ask the Chinese government to end a practice that makes modern China look barbaric and backward. Forced abortions are not a choice but violence against women and their unborn children.”

ChinaAid said it also has been also monitoring the case of Cao Ruyi, the five-month pregnant mother in Changsha, Hunan province, who faced the threat of a forced abortion.


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