Woman Hangs Self at Office of Local Population and Family Planning Committee (Warning: Graphic Photos)

Translated and edited by China Aid Association 

At noon on March 13, a woman surnamed Yang from North Zhanglou Village, Sanzhongji Administrative Village, Daxuzhai Town, Taikang County of Henan Province hanged herself at the Taikang County Population and Family Planning Committee (hereafter referred to as the Taikang County Family Planning Committee). According to her family members, the deceased’s body had multiple scars and bruises, suggesting that she was beaten before she died. (See photo captions; warning: graphic photos)

Sterilized Twice Suffered Aftereffects
According to her family members, Yang Yuzhi was a 42-year-old Han Chinese woman. In 1995, she underwent a sterilization operation in Taikang County, but this first operation was a failure. But one morning at 5 a.m. in 2006, Yang was taken away by force by the County Family Planning Committee for another operation.
As it happened, it was the aftereffects from this operation that tortured Yang in the following years. She had constant pain in the lower abdomen and other ailments and was perennially on medications, which posed a serious financial burden on the family.

Appeals Fail Gone Forever
As Yang had all along believed that her suffering was the result of the two sterilizations, so a few years ago, she had started going to the Family Planning Committee to complain and to defend her rights.

As usual, at about 12 noon on March 13, 2013, Yang once again came to Taikang County Family Planning Committee.

Zhang Zhaofa, Yang’s son, told the media: “At about 12:57, my father called her and everything seemed normal….” “However, the people at the Family Planning Committee told us that while a person in charge of this matter was discussing the matter with the village party secretary, [family planning] workers found she had already hanged herself at the entrance to the stairway.”

“At about 2 p.m., they secretly transported the corpse in a 120 ambulance to the mortuary of the County Hospital of the Traditional Chinese Medicine, but they didn’t notify us, the family members, in a timely manner.”

It was not until 5 p.m. that Yang’s family members were told of this incident.


(Signs of strangulation on Yang Yuzhi’s neck are clearly visible.)

It was not until they arrived that they learned Yang Yuzhi had already stopped breathing at noon and died at the Family Planning Committee. When the family members arrived, they found bruises and scars of different colors all over Yang Yuzhi’s body and there was a deep groove from a wire cord around her neck that had nearly strangled her. And even the several thousand yuan in cash that she had gotten from selling the corn was nowhere to be found.

Questions from the family, silence from all the officials
Yang is survived by four young children and her elderly and sick parents.

According to her family members, Yang was psychologically sound before she went to the Family Planning Committee and there was nothing abnormal about her. Little did they think that she would be gone forever.

As to how Yang obtained the wire cord, where she committed suicide, how the cash in the amount of several thousand yuan disappeared and why the Family Planning Committee failed to notify the family members immediately and other related questions, the local officials in Taikang County have failed to give the family members any explanation.

At 3 p.m. on March 18, the gate to the office of the Taikang County Population and Family Planning Committee where the incident occurred was shut. The building was empty and there wasn’t even a guard or any other person on duty at this government administrative agency.

Phone number of tipster: 15994191275 (family members of the victim)

Source: Dahe Health Net
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