Writer Under House Arrest Asks for Help Through Twitter

October 28, 2010

BEIJING — The wife of Yu Jie, the Christian dissident writer, caught a cold and developed a high fever on the night of October 27. Since Yu’s family is currently under house arrest, she was stopped by the Domestic Security Protection Squad when she attempted to leave to check into a hospital for treatment.
In desperation, Yu Jie sent out a Tweet requesting for help:
“I request that you Twitter users spread this news as much as possible. My wife is sick and she is not allowed to seek medical attention. Hao Qi, an agent from the Domestic Security Protection Squad said, ‘No matter what has happened, I have only these words for you: “You cannot go out.” This is the order from our superiors. If something bad happens, someone else will be responsible for it and so it is not my business.’
“I am seeking help from my followers. My wife caught a cold last night and is now has a fever. Yet, police officers block the doorway downstairs and are not allowing her to go to the hospital. Hao Qi from Chaoyang District Domestic Security Protection Squad said that they have even installed a surveillance camera. The police only have these words for me: ‘You can’t go out.’
“Today, they simply put a table right against the door. I request that you brothers and sisters pray for us!”
Besides expressing concern for Yu Jie’s family, Twitter users have also strongly denounced the actions of the Domestic Security Protection Squad and the illegal restriction of the personal freedom of Yu Jie’s family. Some followers, out of their eagerness to help, made an emergency call (120) and asked for doctors to be sent to Yu Jie’s house to treat his wife.
Yu Jie said on Twitter, “Thanks to the Twitter users who called 120. A doctor has come to our house and checked my wife’s temperature; her fever is over 38 degrees Celsius [about 100 degrees Fahrenheit]. After the doctor negotiated with police, they finally agreed to let my wife go with the doctor to the hospital for an intravenous infusion, but with police officers present. I am still not allowed to leave.”
ChinaAid encourages Yu Jie and his family in this difficult time. Please pray for his wife and for them to stay faithful in the midst of this oppression.
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