Xinjiang escalates pressure against Christians

Officials raid a house church in
Guiyang, Guizhou. (Photo: China Aid)

China Aid
Reported in Chinese by Qiao Nong. Translated by Carolyn Song.

(Xinjiang—Nov. 18, 2016) Three Christians in China’s turbulent northwestern Xinjiang were detained for “spreading religion illegally” and “gathering a mob to disturb public order” on Friday after police dispersed a meeting they had organized.

On Nov. 11, police dispersed a group of Han and Uyghur Christians who had gathered for biblical training at Xinfeng Church. The event’s planners, Li Rong, Liu Peijin, Wang Yubiao, Wang Encheng, Wang Hailong, David, and Gu Li were taken into police custody. Li, Liu, and a Christian only identified by his surname, Wang, were handed 15-day administrative detention sentences. The others were released.

Two days later, the detainees’ family members arrived at the police station and asked for their notices of detention.

A local Christian told a China Aid reporter on Nov. 13 that religion was a sensitive issue in Xinjiang. In the past two months, Xinjiang authorities detained or arrested dozens of Christians for holding house church gatherings, including: three Christians in Wensu County, two people from Xinhe County, three people from Baicheng County, seven people from Akesu, two Christians in Yanqi County, two individuals in Hejing County, and 16 people in the Kuerle region, 13 of whom were also physically attacked.

China Aid reports abuses, such as those experienced by Christians in Xinjiang, in order to stand in solidarity with the persecuted and promote religious freedom in China.

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