Xinjiang house church members released, filing administrative suit against local Public Security Bureau

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This is a photo of one
of the notices informing
Liang, Cao, Liu and Yu
of their punishment.

Editor’s note: ChinaAid previously reported the arrest of these four house church members. The story can be viewed at:

(Xinjiang–Sept. 18, 2013) Four Christian house church members who were illegally detained on Aug. 31 were released on Sept. 14 and are planning to file an administrative lawsuit against the Shaya County Public Security Bureau (PSB).

Brother Liang Zhongxin and Sisters Cao Ling, Liu Jialing and Yu Qingming were illegally detained for giving Bible lessons and preaching the Gospel to middle school and elementary school children during summer vacation. Each individual was held for 15 days and fined 1,000 yuan ($163).

Many individuals involved in this incident believe that the Shaya County PSB’s actions demonstrate the attitude of the Shaya County Party Committee toward evangelism. This incident is viewed as a fight between the house churches and the government over the next generation. From the government’s perspective, the house churches want to train children to be missionaries who will come together to defeat the communist government. Because of this belief, the government has chosen to subdue house church evangelism firmly.

Feeling that it faces a large, hostile army of Christians, the government attacks the house churches for “engaging in illegal activities by utilizing feudal superstitious sects.” The government forcefully bans Sunday school and persecutes church officials.

Also, the PSB and public schools threaten students and parents who have participated in church activities. In this case, the PSB fined the each student’s parents 500 yuan ($81) while the schools fined parents more than 600 yuan ($98). The school claimed it fined parents because it was forced to pay fines for the students’ involvement in church activities.

According to Liang and Cao, the church congregation mainly consists of migrant workers and people who come to Xinjiang to engage in agricultural activities. The number of church members varies. Typically, there are 50-60 believers present while winter usually brings with it the lowest number of church-goers. This summer, the church organized a Bible study consisting of one or two lessons a week for more than 40 elementary and middle school students and their parents.

What kind of logic is behind this incident? The ignorant and illegal actions of the Shaya County Party Committee is very representative of the actions of mainland China. The Chinese Communist Party’s disregard of universal values and human rights is shocking. Which law was broken by giving Bible lessons to students? The mentality and behavior of the authorities signifies that this is still a class struggle. Their disregard of the Constitution has proven this fact to be undeniably true: the Chinese Communist Party is above the law.

However, Liang, Cao, Liu and Yu will not be deterred. They are planning to safeguard their rights by filing an administrative suit. ChinaAid strongly denounces the Shaya local government of Xinjiang for the illegal act of willfully violating the citizens’ religious freedom. We stand behind the persecuted brothers and sisters in safeguarding their legitimate rights in accordance with law. We will closely watch as the situation develops.

Below is the full text of the “Decision Statement of Administrative Penalty” for Liang:

Decision Statement for Administrative Penalty

Sha Gong (Cheng Pai) Xing Fa Jue Zi (2013) No. 012

Violator of the law: Liang Zhongxin. He is a male of Han ethnicity. He was born on March 17, 1960 and his ID number is: 652924196003170014. He has completed an education of elementary school and his household registration is at: 24, North Gulebage Road, Shaya County. Currently, he resides at Fourth Construction, Shaya County. In 2010, he was placed under administrative detention for 15 days by Shaya County Public Security Bureau.

At about 11 a.m. on August 28, 2013, we learned from informants that some students from Shaya County Fourth Elementary School, Shaya County Third Elementary School and Shaya Middle School were studying the Bible in Mingzhuyuan and Laogan District. After we got this information, this bureau immediately sent out police officers to the above places to conduct an investigation. Through investigation, we found Liang Zhongxin is suspected of engaging in an illegal activity by utilizing feudal and superstitious sects. The above fact is proved to be true by the statements of Liang Zhongxin, Guo Jia, Liu Guiling, Yu Qingming and Cao Ling.

Pursuant to Item 1, Clause 1 of Article 27 of Law of the People’s Republic of China on Penalties for Administration of Public Security, it is now decided to give Liang Zhongxin, the violator of the law, the penalties of 15 days of administrative detention and a fine of 1,000 yuan.

Methods of execution and terms: Starting from the date of this decision statement, the police officers from this bureau will send Liang Zhongxin to Shaya County Detention Center for the detention and he shall pay the fine within 15 days to Shaya County Agricultural Credit Union. Failure to pay the fine by the due date shall incur an additional fine of daily 3% of the total amount of the fine. The amount of the additional fine shall not exceed the original amount of the fine.

In case of an objection to this decision, you may apply for administrative reconsideration at Akesu District Public Security Bureau or Shaya County People’s Government within 60 days after receiving this decision statement or you may submit an administrative lawsuit in accordance with law at Shaya County People’s Court within three months.

Appendix: One list. Total of one copy.

Public Security Organ:

(Seal) Shaya County Public Security Bureau

August 30, 2013

The decision statement of administrative penalty has been pronounced and delivered to me.

Person receiving the penalty: Liang Zhongxin

August 30, 2013

This statement shall exist in three copies with the person receiving the penalty and the executing unit each holding a copy. One copy is for the archive. When there is a victim in a public security case, one photocopy shall be delivered to the victim.

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