Xinjiang Muslim immigrants ask for help as family members arrested


(Almaty, Kazakhstan—July 30, 2018) A number of immigrant Muslim families in Kazakhstan recently issued a statement asking for assistance to the United Nations and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev in the investigation of Xinjiang public security’s crackdown on ethnic minorities. This would include deliberately detaining passports, thus prohibiting travel, and family members being sent to the “political education camp.”

Bakhtinur is pictured above with his children.
(Photo: ChinaAid)
According to Nurshati Mamsi, two of his children have been arrested and sent to re-education camps. His daughter, Dinara Yehari, is 13 years old and a Kazakh citizen. Due to the local public security’s threat to arrest his relatives in Xinjiang, he was forced to let his daughter return to China. As a result, his daughter was sent to the so-called political education camp by the local police. His 24-year-old son, Yelpoli Yehari, also returned to China in January of this year. The local public security arrested him and sent him to a re-education camp soon after. Mamsi pleaded, “Why is the Xinjiang government so ruthless to us Kazakhs, what are we doing wrong?” He asked the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan, the foreign ministries of Kazakhstan and people from all walks of life in Kazakhstan to help.

Another man, Bakhtinur, emigrated from Xinjiang on August 10, 2017. His wife, Yersen Guli Slaxi, returned to Xinjiang because of her sister’s death on April 15 of this year. Unexpectedly, after arriving in Xinjiang, the local police took her passport for no reason and have not yet returned it.

Because Bakhtinur has to take care of his children at home, he can’t go out to work, and his life is very difficult. He asked the authorities of Kazakhstan to intervene so that his wife can come home safely and reunite with his family.

Bakhtinur’s daughter said in the video, “Mom, I miss you, when are you coming home?” They also appealed to the international community in the video, “Please, please help my mother come home.”

Pobeck Tohsen Tasman and his daughters
have been seperated from his wife for more
than nine months.
(Photo: ChinaAid)

Another Muslim, Pobeck Tohsen Tasman, moved from Xinjiang, China, in August 2016 to Kazakhstan. His wife, Ayi Guli Manap, returned to Xinjiang in China on Oct. 11, and her passport was taken away by the police in Chabuchar County, Ili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture and has not been returned for nine months. He doesn’t even know his wife’s whereabouts.

He said, “I am looking after three children here. The eldest daughter is 12 years old, the second daughter is seven years old, and the youngest is only three years old.” Because he usually takes care of the children, he can’t go out to find a job. “Life is a little hard, relying on family and friends to make a living.”

In addition, Gu Lipanisi Beknur said that her sister, Patima Beknur, her brother-in-law, Nurga Hep Avali Buick, and her brother, Yehhardt Beknur, have been wrongly arrested by the local police, which is a serious violation of their right to personal liberty.

ChinaAid exposes the ongoing situation in Xinjiang, where many Kazakhs and other ethnic minorities are being targeted for their race and Muslim religion, in order to take a stand for human rights, religious freedom, and rule of law.

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