Xinjiang Urumqi House Church Bible Training Attacked, 35 Christians Arrested Including an American-Korean Pastor

China Aid Association
(Midland, Texas (CAA)-October 26, 2006) CAA learned October 26, 2006 the local police raided the Qilin Mountain Villa in the suburb of Uramqi City, Xijiang Autonomous Region, when some Christians were having a Bible training program held by a Korean pastor from America. There were 35 Christians who were taken to the Yongfeng Township Police Station for interrogation, including the American Korean pastor and his interpreter.
CAA has acquired the names of some of the Christians arrested, they are :
Sister Zhou Li,  Xia Lingzhi,  Bao Lin,  Ren Baolan,  Feng Yan,  Hu Ying.
Sister Zhou Li and sister Xia Lingzhi were put under custody for 2 weeks last year and fined because of regular service attendance. They were also abused during the interrogation.
Sister Xia Lingzhi is 66 years old. She suffers from coronary heart disease and high blood pressure, thus should not be detained in any harsh environment. CAA appeals the local police to release the Christians as soon as possible, for their belief does absolutely no harm to both the society and the nation.
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