Yang Rongli's Defense Appeal

May 25, 2010

SHANXI — Yang Rongli, one of the five Linfen Church pastors currently imprisoned, released her defense document on January 15, 2010, explaining in great detail the facts of her case and why her actions were not criminal. After being sentenced to 7 years in prison for “unlawfully occupying agricultural land and assembling crowds to disturb traffic order,” Yang Rongli joined the other imprisoned pastors (Wang Xiaoguang, Yang Xuan, Zhang Huamei, and Cui Jiaxing) in filing an appeal in January. The Linfen Courts rejected the appeal in February 2010, upholding their guilty verdict.
Yang Rongli presents her reasons for appealing in the following document, which was recently received and translated by ChinaAid.
Yang Rongli’s Defense Appeal

This case is part of the ongoing persecution of Linfen Church.

ChinaAid denounces the unjust arrest and sentence of the Linfen Church leaders. We stand with Yang Rongli, whose Criminal Appeal document may be useful to the attorneys striving for human rights in China. ChinaAid calls for continued prayer for the Linfen Church members, and particularly for the encouragement of leaders like Yang Rongli who have been wrongly accused and imprisoned.

For more information, visit www.HelpLinfen.com
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