Youqing Church Raided, Members Beaten and Robbed

September 28, 2010
Media Release
SICHUAN — At 3:30 p.m. on September 26, 2010, a house church meeting in Youqing, Sichuan Province was interrupted by 10 police and security people, who proceeded to destroy and confiscate private property and detain and beat church members.

The authorities, who were from the Youqing Township Police Station and the Zhongtan Township Security Room of Youqing Township, arrived at the site of the gathering in Group 6 of Village 2 in Zhongtan Town of Youqing.   

The authorities claimed the gathering was illegal.  They smashed one desk and about 30 benches and hauled them away.  They also confiscated the Christian’s books, as well as the money they carried (about 500 yuan).  Then they took 20 Christians to the police station and demanded money for their release.  Five of them paid the money and were released, but the others were still detained. 

Among the men arrested were Xiao Zhijiang, Lei Suhua, Hu Zhengshu, Wang Junzhang and Yan Chuanchun.  

At the police station, the director of the station beat Wang Junzhang and Yan Chuanchun. Finally, the rest of the church members were released at 12 midnight on that same day.  However, their belonging and money have not been returned. 

The director of Youqing Police Station is Guo Jing. 
The phone number of Youqing Police Station: 011 – 86 – 818 – 753 – 2333. 
The phone number of Qu County Public Security Bureau: 011 – 86 – 818 – 721 – 6232;
Brother Zhou: 011 – 86 – 1 – 379 – 567 – 5350

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ChinaAid calls on the authorities of Youqing to stop their violent oppression of house church members, and to return the property to its’ rightful owners.   We ask that members of the international community raise their voices on behalf of those denied the basic religious freedom to worship together privately, and we encourage Christians worldwide to pray for the perseverance of the Youqing Christians.

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