Yunnan missionary driven out of town, church members dwindle

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(Mengla County, Yunnan—Oct. 31, 2014) A Christian of Jinpo ethinicity was driven out of Mengla County in China’s southwestern Yunnan province on Tuesday after refusing to join a government-sanctioned church.

Rong Xiaohu, a missionary that founded Zion House Church in Mengla County, fled to one of the church’s gathering sites located in the surrounding countryside after received a warning notice from the Mengla County Public Security Bureau.

“On June 29, [Public Security agents] issued a written notice of warning in which they said they want me to move out of [Mengla County],” Rong said. “That was our home. Now, we have moved out to the countryside. Since…the road condition is not good, the police don’t want to come here,” he said.

The gathering place Rong and his family are staying at was raided by a group from the local public security bureau and religious affairs bureau on May 16, 2014, leaving it practically unused since. Officials also investigated the church, searching for evidence of contacting overseas entities.

“The place is abandoned, and people are discouraged. Yet, two gathering sites are not dissolved. One site has five to six people, and the other site has four to five people. Other people say they are discouraged and since the government is so against us, ‘we’d better stop here for now,’” Rong said. He added that Zion House Church typically had 30-50 believers attend services before the countryside location was raided.

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