Zeng Jinyan: Chen Guangcheng Talked to Me. What Media Reported Is Wrong.

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image(Beijing — May 2, 2012) About 8 pm Beijing time, Zeng Jinyan, wife of Chen’s best friend Hu Jia, posted a tweet which indicates that the media failed to report the correct information about Chen Guangcheng’s updates.  Chen did not leave the U.S. Embassy of his own accord.  Some sources inside China said the U.S. and Chinese governments have reached some kind of “shameful” agreement regarding Chen.

Later Zen Jinyan said on Twitter:  Guangcheng called me and told me that he didn’t say, according to media, “I want to kiss you” to Secretary Clinton.  What he actually said was “I want to see you.”
Photo: Zeng Jinyan (and her husband Hu Jia) visited Chen Guangcheng after his successful escape
Here is additional information from Zeng Jinyan’s twitter:

“He said from this past Friday he couldn’t make any more phone calls (contact the outside), nor could he contact any friends.  He wanted to contact Congressman Chris Smith but there was no way he could reach Smith.  He said he and his family were willing to leave China.”

“Yuan Weijing (Chen’s wife) said that around noon (12:00 pm Beijing time) she met Chen Guangcheng somewhere outside the U.S. Embassy. The Shandong-Linyi local authorities have now set up cameras in Chen’s house and even have guards with sticks staying in their house.  If Guangcheng hadn’t agreed to leave the U.S. Embassy, his wife and children would be sent back to their home in Shandong province, Linyi city immediately.”

“Guangcheng said the Shandong officials are waiting for Yuan Weijing and their children in Beijing . ”  

“Guangcheng said:  ’Sister Jinyan, you’ve got to help me.  Yuan Weijing (Chen’s wife) called me and said she and our children wanted to see me.  However, when I arrived in hospital I didn’t see them.  They (my family) asked for a private meeting with me and I wanted to see them, but somehow we didn’t get to see each other.’  After consideration this is only what I can tell to the outside.  Please help Chen’s family.”

“Guangcheng didn’t want to leave the U.S. Embassy, but he had no choice.  If he hadn’t left, Yuan Weijing would have been sent back to Shandong immediately.  Yuan Weijing told me: ‘Jinyan, I am so scared…’”

(Below are screen shots of the original tweets by Zeng Jinyan and by US Beijing Embassy)

Zen Jinyan



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