Zhang Kai Searches for Eyewitnesses at Hebei University

October 27, 2010

HEBEI — Attorney Zhang Kai wrote an open letter to the faculty and students of Hebei University, asking for anyone present at the scene of the car accident that occurred on the night of October 16 to come forward with an eyewitness testimony.
Li Qiming, son of a high-profile official, plowed into two students while driving his black sedan. One of the students was seriously injured, and the other, Chen Xiaofeng, died at the scene.
Zhang Kai was authorized by Chen Xiaofeng’s father to represent his family in court.
Zhang is a well-known Christian human rights attorney, and member of the Christian Human Rights Lawyers of China.
Dear faculty members and students of Hebei University:

My name is Zhang Kai, and I am professional attorney at Yijia Law Firm of Beijing. I was authorized to provide legal assistance in Chen Xiaofeng’s case by her father. Based on public reports of the case and the knowledge I have of this case, I am writing this letter to seek  your help in this case.

As of now, the legal documents we received indicate, “As no clear braking traces were found at the scene of the accident, there is no way the speed of the car can be calculated.” We were told by the clerk that though surveillance cameras covered the areas both in front of and behind the location of the crash, the scene itself was not covered because it was in an obscure spot.

Given the above facts, I think the speed of the vehicle at the time of impact is very important. Also, how the driver applied the brakes and how he responded to the accident will be reviewed along with other circumstances to determine conviction and sentencing. 

I have read a report stating there is a collective silence at Hebei University. I haven’t been able to confirm the authenticity of this report. We need witnesses who were at the scene of the accident to testify, and who are willing to appear in court. I am willing to accompany you to the Public Security agencies to complete the related records. All I need from you is an objective statement telling me exactly what you saw at the scene.

Your testimony is not only your legal obligation, it is also for the peace of our conscience. If any one of you is unfairly treated because of your testimony, I will do my best to safeguard your rights.

Sincerely yours,

Zhang Kai, attorney-at-law in Chen Xiaofeng’s case
+86 139 1190 0261

Source: Zhang Kai’s blog, October 27, 2010
Link: Open Letter to Faculty and Students of Hebei University

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