Zhou Heng: A Letter of Thanks

China Aid Association
In a heartfelt thank you letter, Christian leader Zhou Heng expressed his gratitude to the many supporters for their letters of encouragement during his incarceration. In August of 2007 Zhou Heng was detained for possesion of 5,184 copies of illegally published Bibles.
Zhou suffered inhumane treatment as a detainee in custody. The officers hand-cuffed Zhou on his back in the first day of his arrest. Zhou was forced to sleep on concrete floor in the first month, and was only provided a bed after CAA reported about his arrest. Zhou shared the cell with 14 other inmates, who were directed by the officers to beat up on him as an attempt to make Zhou testify against himself, which Zhou refused. In August 31st, a charge was formally issued against Zhou, and he was transferred to Xishan Prison in Urumqi.
At first, the Ministry of Public Security denied Zhou’s access to a lawyer, claiming that his case is classified due to national security reason. Zhou was finally assigned a lawyer in September 14. Zhou appeared to be emotionally calm, and he emphasized that he is innocent. He also asked for more legal assistance from outside Xinjiang. After learning that many people all over the world concerned for him, Zhou broke down in tears and thanked God.
Zhou has been in detention until this most recent court decision. An official decision released by the court stated the following:
“After reviews and additional investigations that were returned twice, this procuratorate still believes that the crime determined by Shayibake District Branch of Urumqi Municipal Public Security Bureau is not based on clear facts and do not have sufficient evidence.  Therefore, their claims do not qualify for prosecution.  Pursuant to Clause 4, Article 142 of  the “Criminal Procedure Law of the People’s Republic of China,” it is decided not to prosecute Zhou Heng.”
To view Zhou Heng’s Thank You letter [click here]
Issue by CAA  April 7, 2008

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