Zurich Statement on the Church in China

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Zurich Statement on the Church in China Issued by the Religious Liberty Partnership March, 2008 As members of the Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, we support the appeal of our brothers and sisters in China for the worldwide church to pray for the nation of China and the Chinese church at large in this Summer Olympics year. We specifically call on Christian denominations and organizations worldwide to take this appeal to their members in recognition that we are one body united in Christ. The RLP acknowledges:

  • The advances in religious freedom in China during the past four decades;
  • The commitment of Chinese Christians as law abiding citizens to the development of the nation of China;
  • The Communist Party’s recent affirmation that religious believers have an important role to play in the development of society. We hope and pray this will translate into the removal of remaining obstacles to the full expression of faith and an end to serious violations of religious freedom;
  • The courage and vibrancy of the church in China;
  • The potential of the Chinese nation as a significant political and economic force for the furtherance of regional and global peace.

We call on the worldwide church:

  • To encourage Christian denominations and organizations worldwide to take this call to prayer to their membership using resources provided by members of the partnership and others concerned with China.
  • To respond to the call of Chinese church leaders for prayer for full freedom to manifest their faith in China, the release of unjustly imprisoned Chinese Christians, and an end to discrimination and persecution of religious believers;
  • To recognize the desire expressed by church leaders for China to be a country full of love, justice, freedom and prosperity;
  • To support the God given mandate of the church in China, and its right to operate free from externally imposed agendas;
  • To pray for the church in China as she contributes to the development of a just and harmonious society, fostering integrity, moral and ethical living and caring for the vulnerable.

The RLP commits:

  • To pray, and mobilize our constituents to pray, in the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics, culminating in 24 hours of prayer on August 8, 2008 (08-08-08), the day of the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics.
  • To encourage other likeminded organizations to also promote and support this statement.

RLP Members (websites are listed, where appropriate, for prayer resources and additional information):

The Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) is a collaborative effort of Christian organizations focused on religious liberty. The RLP seeks to more intentionally work together in addressing advocacy and in raising the awareness of religious persecution globally. Members of the RLP are primarily involved (that is the majority of their time, personnel, and resources) with ministry to persecuted Christians and/or on religious liberty issues in whatever context and strategy. For more information on the Zurich Statement or on the Religious Liberty Partnership, contact Brian O’Connell, RLP Facilitator at: [email protected]

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