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Bob Fu, Founder and President of ChinaAid, testifying in a congressional hearing

US Commission labels China “country of particular concern”

Photo: ChinaAid Founder Bob Fu testifies in congressional hearing (ChinaAid) (Washington, DC—May 2, 2023) USCIRF released its 2023 Annual Report detailing concerns about religious freedom worldwide. They recommended China and eleven other countries as serious violators of religious freedom. “Country of particular concern” In 1998, Congress enacted International Religious Freedom Act which requires the President

Chinese-American pastor David Lin

US Ambassador visits Chinese-American pastor David Lin

Photo: Chinese-American pastor David Lin, wrongfully imprisoned for “contract fraud” (Courtesy of the Free Pastor David Lin Committee) (China—April 24, 2023) U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns recently made a rare in-person visit with at least three U.S. citizens believed to be wrongfully detained by Chinese authorities, including American pastor David Lin, who was imprisoned

Bob Fu and Geng He testify before US Congress concerning Gao Zhisheng

Where is Gao Zhisheng? Congress holds hearing for prisoners of conscience

Photo: Bob Fu, Founder of ChinaAid, and Geng He, wife of Gao Zhisheng, testify before US Congress concerning prisoners of conscience (ChinaAid) (Washington DC—April 21, 2023) Yesterday, Bob Fu and other witnesses testified concerning the whereabouts of missing lawyer Gao Zhisheng and other prisoners of conscience. Where is Gao Zhisheng? In the late morning of


“Time is of the essence”: Mayflower Church detained by Thailand Immigration

(Bangkok, Thailand—March 30, 2023) ChinaAid confirmed this morning that Thai Immigration detained the 63 members of the Mayflower Church. If the U.S. government does not act, the exiled Christians will be sent back to China where they face certain retaliation, abuse, and prison time for speaking out on the persecution.      Shenzhen Holy Reformed

New Citizens’ Movement activists Dr. Xu Zhiyong and lawyer Ding Jiaxi

Ding Jiaxi Update: poor food in prison

Photo: New Citizens’ Movement activists Dr. Xu Zhiyong and lawyer Ding Jiaxi (ChinaAid source) (Shandong province— March 16, 2023) Imprisoned human rights activist Ding Jiaxi met with his lawyer via video chat at the Public Security Bureau of Linshu County, Shandong Province. According to the lawyer’s report, the meals at the prison are of poor

Zhang Haitao, a Chinese dissident detained in Xinjiang

Chinese prison allows Zhang Haitao visit for the first time in almost five years

Photo: Zhang Haitao, a Chinese dissident imprisoned in Xinjiang (Zhang Haitao’s family) (Xinjiang—March 7, 2023) Zhang Haitao, a dissident detained in Xinjiang, was finally allowed to meet his older sister via video chat after almost five years.   Four years and 10 months Zhang Haitao’s older sister, Zhang Qingzhen, posted on the Chinese social media


Opinion: SB 147 is about the Chinese Communist Party, not Chinese people

Photo: In Austin, Texas, State lawmakers will deliberate on SB 147, a change to the Texas Property Code that will ban bad actors like China from purchasing Texas land (FreeImages) SB-147 is about the Chinese Communist Party, not Chinese people   By Bob Fu   The bill protects Texas land from a hostile foreign government

Jonathan, Samuel, Joyce, and Dorcas of the Mayflower Church

Exiled church supported by Texas Churches

Photo: Jonathan, Samuel, Joyce, and Dorcas of the Mayflower Church. (Freedom Seekers International) (ChinaAid—March 3, 2023) More than 60 members of the exiled Mayflower Church received tremendous support from churches in Texas. The members of the Christian house church from Shenzhen have been adopted by the East Texas churches, but 10 more families still need

Wang Liqin, the wife of Chinese poet Wang Zang. They reunited for the first time in three years

Wang Zang and his wife reunite for the first time in three years

Photo: Wang Liqin, the wife of Chinese poet Wang Zang (ChinaAid) (Yunnan province— February 28, 2023) Pioneering Chinese poet Wang Zang has been imprisoned for nearly a thousand days. His wife, Wang Liqin, escaped from surveillance personnel stationed on the ground floor of her home. She went to Yunnan No. 2 Prison by car and

Mayflower Church members gather to worship in Thailand

ChinaAid Applauds Politicians’ Call to Action for the Mayflower Church

Photo: Mayflower Church gathers together to worship in Thailand (Washington, DC – February 27, 2023) Prominent politicians from the United States and Taiwan called for the resettlement of Shenzhen Reformed Holy Church, also known as the Mayflower Church.  “The United States must intervene” On Friday, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul published a letter


ChinaAid releases Annual Persecution Report for 2022

(Midland, Texas) China Aid Association releases its Annual Persecution Report for 2022, cataloging persecution against Christians in Mainland China. Read the full report here. Since 2006, ChinaAid released annual reports covering the CCP’s oppression and persecution of Chinese Christians. Their reports are derived from an extensive network of Christians throughout the country to expose abuse


IRF 2023: Panel discusses forced labor in China

(Washington D.C.—January 31, 2023) At the 2023 International Religious Freedom Summit (IRF), ChinaAid will livestream a discussion covering China’s gross system of forced labor. The panel, entitled Corporate Accountability for People of Faith in China’s Forced Labor System, will feature four guest speakers including ChinaAid Founder and President Bob Fu.     The Communist Regime implicates

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