The Mayflower Church

Start of a New Life

On May 26, 2023, the last remaining Mayflower family arrived in Dallas, Texas. The family of five was delayed due to the wife’s pregnancy coming to term. All 64 members of the church are now reunited in their new home! Even though they are safe in the USA, their journey is just beginning.


Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church escaped harsh persecution, interrogations, and imprisonment at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Due to their journey to practice religious freedom, many in the international community refer to them as the Mayflower Church. Pastor Pan Yongguang led his 60 members to Jeju Island, South Korea, in late-2019.

From South Korea to Thailand

After exhausting their legal options in South Korea, they arrived in Thailand to apply for United Nations refugee status. However, it did not take long for Chinese operatives to harass them. Every day they waited for approval was another day the CCP could take them back to China.

From Thailand to the USA

On March 30, Thailand authorities arrested them in Pattaya, where there stayed and waited for their UN refugee status. All 63 members were detained in Thailand’s Immigration Detention Centre (IDC) for overstaying their visas. All hope seemed lost, until the US government intervened, giving the church humanitarian status. Most of the families arrived in Texas on Good Friday, 2023.

What you can do to help

The church escaped the clutches of Communism, but they need help resettling in America. Consider adopting a Mayflower Family to cover some of their costs. Email them directly with encouragement as they adjust to American life. 

Photo: Pastor Pan's family in Tyler, TX (Freedom Seekers International)
Photo: Mayflower family welcomed to the US (ChinaAId)


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