ChinaAid releases 2018 Annual Persecution Report

A chart from ChinaAid’s 2018
Annual Persecution Report
comparing the documented
number of Christians persecuted
in 2018 (red) with the number of
Christians persecuted in 2017 (blue).
(Photo: ChinaAid)


(Midland, Texas—Feb. 28, 2019) ChinaAid released its 2018 Annual Persecution Report today, demonstrating China’s sharp escalation of human rights and religious freedom abuses over the past year and providing key examples.

The report, published in both Chinese and English, catalogs cases of China’s oppression of Christians and contrasts them to cases documented in 2017, concluding that there has been a steep uptick in religious suppression in 2018.

While ChinaAid sympathizes with the plight of all those persecuted for their beliefs and fights for the rights of all, the majority of the reports we receive concern Christians. As a result, the report focuses on Christian persecution in particular.

Additionally, because many Chinese Christians fear for their safety if they speak out, it is impossible for ChinaAid to collect every religious persecution case. However, those presented in the report have been verified, and the findings can be considered representative of Christian persecution in China in 2018.

The English version of the report can be read here, while the Chinese one can be read here.

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