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Prisoners need encouragement

Please send hope to prisoners of conscience and a signal to prison officials that there are people all over the world who are invested in the safety and well-being of these unjustly imprisoned Chinese citizens. 

All addresses are current as of November 2023

Please note prisoners will disappear from the letter-writing page upon release.

Alimujiang Yimiti (Released in 2023)
Hu Shigen (Released in March 2023)
Qin Defu (Released in Dec. 2022)

Email Julian ([email protected]) with any questions. Please write directly to the prisoners at the below addresses & don’t send letters to ChinaAid’s office.

Notes On Letter Writing

1) Do not mention ChinaAid, any other specific organization, or church. If officials see names of entities like ChinaAid in letters, the prisoners could be punished due to a connection with a ‘foreign organization.’ There is no danger for a prisoner to receive a letter from an individual.

2) There is no issue with writing in English. Even if the prisoner is not able to completely understand your message, just seeing someone take the time to write to them from a different country is a great encouragement. Authorities will notice any letters of support and there are many cases where guards treat prisoners better as a result of receiving letters.

3) Only share positive comments, spiritual encouragement, and/or Bible verses. Do not write any negative comments, especially about the country, political system, authorities, or the prison. Feel free to incorporate the below Chinese/English phrases in your message.

4) You are welcome to send notes, letters, and cards. Christian greeting cards are often cherished. Please do not send packages as they will be rejected.

5) There is no issue with writing your name & return address on the mailing envelope. However, if you are more comfortable – just a name, state, and/or country is fine. Letters to prisoners are most effective when officials see mail being delivered from many different U.S. states and nations across the world.


You’re free to write/paste either the English or Chinese (or both) addresses on the envelope. Either way, please clearly and boldly write the letter is going to China so your local post office routes the letter internationally. 

6) Pricing for mailing letters to China depends on the weight of the item, the carrier used, and where the item is being mailed from. The cheapest option from the United States in most cases is First Class International. You can purchase a ‘Global Forever’ stamp to send a one-ounce letter or postcard.


Chinese/English Phrases

I gave thanks for you when I heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus.

Your life exhibits the grace He has shown you.

We encourage you to take advantage of every opportunity to tell others about Jesus.

We love you and your family. We are praying for you, your family, and your guards.

My heart rejoices that you are strong in the Lord.

I thank God for your love of Christ.

You are fighting a good fight. May you keep the faith and finish the race.

May those who persecute you see Jesus in your life.

You are counted worthy to suffer for His name.

I pray you feel the arms of our Lord surrounding you.

Keep looking to Jesus, our only hope of heaven.

I pray you will feel the presence of Christ with you today.

The Lord is your shepherd and He will be with you.

The fields are ripe for harvest. I pray you bring in many.

When one part of the body suffers the whole body suffers. Many Christians around the world are standing with you.

I thank God for your faithfulness.

Let Jesus continue to guide your steps to eternal life

I pray the eyes, ears, and hearts of those who persecute you may open to Jesus.

Thank you for suffering with Jesus.

My prayers are with you as you endure the fellowship of suffering.

May your light reveal the truth to those around you.

Your present trials proclaim your faith.

Our Lord is with you even where you are.

Blessed are you in the eyes of the Lord.

Pastor Sanqiang "John" Cao

Image of Pastor John Cao who was placed in prison on illegal border crossing charges, despite the fact that they had never had trouble before.

Pastor John Cao, married to an American citizen and a legal resident of North Carolina, was sentenced to seven years in prison in March 2018 on the charge of “organizing illegal border crossings.” In February 2023, Pastor John’s mother was able to visit him in prison. It was their first meeting in nearly three years. 

 Pastor Sanqiang “John” Cao
P.O. Box 48-2, Wang Daqiao, Dongjiao,
Kunming city, Yunnan province, China 
Zip code: 650216


Pastor Wang Yi

Image of Pastor Wang Yi who was the Early Rain Church Convent leader from 2005 until his arrest in 2018 for “inciting subversion of state power” and “illegal business operations.”

Pastor Wang Yi of Early Rain Covenant Church was sentenced to nine years in prison on December 30th, 2019, days after a sudden and secret trial on December 26th. Pastor Wang was found guilty of “inciting subversion of state power” and “illegal business operations.” His wife was able to visit him in October 2021. 

Pastor Wang Yi
Jintang Prison, Sichuan Province,
Huopan Road, Qingjiang Town,
Jintang County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China
Post Code: 610409


Ding Jiaxi

Ding Jiaxi

Human rights defender Ding Jiaxi was sentenced to 12 years in prison in April 2023 after a trial in June 2022, alongside Dr. Xu Zhiyong. Ding and Dr. Xu founded the “New Citizens Movement” to promote transparency within China. 

Ding JiaxiLinmu County Detention Center, Wujieqian Village,Qingyun Town, Linmu County, Linyi City,Shandong Province, ChinaZip Code: 276712


Dr. Xu Zhiyong

Well-known legal activist and civil rights lawyer Xu Zhiyong was arrested in February 2020, charged with “inciting subversion of state power.” Dr Xu was sentenced to 14 years in jail in April 2023 after a June 2022 trial. 

Dr. Xu Zhiyong
Linshu County Detention Center
Wu Jie Qian Village, Qingyun town, Linshu county
Shandong Province, China
Zip code: 276712


Zhang Shaojie

Pastor Zhang Shaojie, of Nanle County Christian Church in Henan province, is currently serving a 12-year prison term for “gathering a crowd to disrupt the public order” and a fabricated fraud charge. He was sentenced on July 4th, 2014. In January 2021, Zhang was sent to a new prison facility to carry out the remainder of his sentence. 

Zhang Shaojie
Xinmi Prison of Zhengzhou Henan Province
P O Box 841, Xinmi Post, No. 61, Songshan Avenue East
Xinmi City, Henan Province, China
Zip Code: 452370

邮编: 452370

Ju Dianhong

image of Ju Dianhong who was falsely accused of leading a cult.

Christian sister Ju Dianhong was sentenced to 13 years in prison in 2017 under false charges of ‘cult activity.’  ChinaAid tracked down her prison address in January 2021 after a long search.  

Ju Dianhong
No. 1 Prison For Women of Yunnan Province
Kunyang town, Jinning district, Kunming city
Yunnan Province, China
Zip code: 650600


Liang Qin

image of Liang Qin who was sentenced In 2017 to 10 years in prison on fabricated charges of “cult activity.”

Christian sister Liang Qin was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2017 under false charges of ‘cult activity.’ ChinaAid tracked down her prison address in January 2021 after a long search. 

Liang Qin
No. 1 Prison For Women of Yunnan province
Kunyang town, Jinning district, Kunming city
Yunnan Province, China
Zip code: 650600


Zhang Zhan

Image of Zhang Zhan who is a christian journalist who is currently in prison for her journalistic piece criticizing China's response to COVID-19.

Chinese Christian citizen journalist and former practicing lawyer Zhang Zhan was sentenced in December 2020 to four years in prison for “picking quarrels and provoking troubles” due to her reporting on the spread of COVID-19 in Wuhan.  Zhang has endured harsh treatment in prison but wrote an encouraging letter to her mother, who is in chemotherapy, in December 2022. 

Zhang Zhan
Area 5, Shanghai Women’s Prison No. 1601
Zhangjing Road Sijing Town, Songjiang District
Shanghai, China
Zip Code: 201601


Cheng Yuan

Activist Cheng Yuan was sentenced to five years in prison in August 2021 based on a “subversion of state power” charge. Cheng is a co-founder the Chinese NGO ‘Changsha Funeng,’ who provides legal defense for people with HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis B, and persons with disabilities. His wife Shi Mingei started a petition campaign against Milwaukee Tool in November 2022 and reported that prisoners released from Chishan Prison were used as slave laborers for the company. 

Mr. Cheng Yuan 
Hunan Chishan Prison
101 Mailbox, Yuanjiang Shi, Nanzui Zhen,
Yiyang Shi, 413104 Hunan Sheng
People’s Republic of China

413104 收件人:獄政管理科轉程淵先生

Zhang Haitao

Zhang Haitao, a Chinese dissident detained in Xinjiang

Rights activist Zhang Haitao was sentenced to 19 years in prison by the Urumqi Intermediate Court in Xinjiang province in January 2016 on the basis of “probing and illegally supplying intelligence abroad” and “subversion of state power” because he criticized the Chinese government’s treatment of Uyghurs. In February 2023, Zhang was able to have a video chat with his sister after nearly five years of effort. 

Zhang Haitao
Branch Box 9, Box 15,
Shaya County, Xinjiang, China 
Zip code: 842208


Pastor Li Juncai

Image of Li Juncai who posted a slogan for the church that said “Love God and people,” but officials asked him to change it to “Love the country and religion.” The refusal to change lead him to be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Yuanyang County Central House Church Pastor Li Juncai was sentenced to five-and-a-half years in prison in January 2021 for objecting to the CCP’s forced cross removal from his church. He also refused to change a church proclamation of ‘Love God and people” to “Love the country.”

Li Juncai
The No. 3  Prison Section, Jiao’nan Prison,
Yinghu Road, Jiefang District,
Jiaozuo city,
Henan province, China
Zip code: 454003

河南省焦南监狱第三监区 李军才

Activist Ji Xiaolong

Ji Xiaolong was sentenced on Friday, October 27 to four years and six months in prison by a Shanghai court for picking quarrels and provoking trouble. He demanded the Chinese government relax the excessive COVID lockdown measures and for those responsible to be held accountable for their policy making. 

Ji Xiaolong,
No. 351 Huayi Road,
Pudong New Area District, Shanghai City,
Postcode: 201210,



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