American Bar Association: Statement of ABA President Paulette Brown Re: Call for Chinese government to protect human rights

American Bar Association

■ Washington, April 12, 2016 — Last August the American Bar Association stated its concern regarding the continuing campaign against human rights lawyers in China. While the Chinese government has achieved reforms in numerous areas of law, including domestic violence, criminal procedure and environmental protection, among others in which the ABA has been proud to assist, the rights to an independent judiciary and legal profession, to free speech, peaceable assembly and protest—all rights enshrined in China’s constitution—are vital to preserving those societal gains.

When basic rights of self-advocacy are at risk, other rights and progress made toward the rule of law are not secure. The ABA respectfully renews its call for the Chinese government to protect human rights under its own law and international law, heed the United Nations Basic Principles on the Role of Lawyers, and observe fair trial and due process standards. The ABA stands ready to continue its assistance toward these ends.

Please click here for a biography and photo of Paulette Brown, president of the American Bar Association.

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