Arrested Leaders Released after pressure; Four House Leaders Arrested in Jiangsu Province

China Aid Association
(Midland, Texas-Feb 6,2006) Latest report: After CAA reported the arrest, we learned that the four leaders were released at 7:30 pm on February 26, 2006. A laptop computer and a projector were confiscated by the police.

CAA learned that at 11am on February 26th(Beijing Time), a House Church Sunday service was disrupted by the Chinese local authorities. The House church was located at 5th District, Chengguang Township, Pizhou city, Jiangsu Province. According to an eyewitness report, 8 police and an officer from city Religious Affairs Office raided that house church while Pastor Chu Huaiting was still preaching. The police ordered him to stop by declaring that the house church is an “illegal church” because it is not registered with the government. Only one official from the Religious Affairs Office presented his ID. Four of the leaders including Pastor Ch Huaiting, Mr. Wang Chaoying, Ms. Wang Jing and Ms. Xue Yuanling were taken away by the police. Several elder members of the church were beaten by the police during the raid.

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