Attorney's Family Again in Panic DuringCCP's National Congress

China Aid Association
By Fang Yuan
Radio Free Asia

While the 17th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party is on, the wife and children of Beijing human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng, have been in a state of panic since his arrest on September 22.
Beijing insider Hu Jia, told Radio Free Asia on Wednesday that since Gao was kidnapped again, his family has been extremely worried.
Hu Jia said, “Police always follow them when they go out. Many witnesses have seen Geng He (Gao’s wife) being followed by dozens of police officers when she is out. Geng’s worries and fears are back again. She shakes whenever there is a knock at the door. She never knows what kind of information the police might bring to her. All of this has been very stressful for the entire family. Witnesses also saw their home being raided again in late September. The police wanted to check for computers, phones and other communication devices in their home. The section chief of the National Security Bureau, in a very spiteful and disrespectful manner, told Geng that no contact is allowed to be made with the outside world. Geng is very stressed. Their accounts and finances have all been seized making further trouble for them. This is just like how it happened when Gao was arrested last year.”
In addition, Gao’s 14-year-old daughter Ge Ge has also been monitored by the police and even isolated at school. Other students are afraid to be friends with her.
Her teachers are kept in close relationship with the police.
Human rights activist Huang Yan was also arrested because she keeps close relations with Gao and his family. Huang’s present situation is also making people worried. According to Hu Jia, she attempted suicide two days ago because she couldn’t stand further insults by the police.
Hu Jia said, “After Huang was arrested, the police tied her hands up and hit her using water bottles. Male police officers slapped her and blew smoke in her face.
It is just like what the criminal syndicate does all the time. The Public Security Bureau then sent police from Hubei to take Huang to Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. She is currently under house arrest at a hotel. The director of the Hubei Jingzhou Public Security Bureau called her a whore. There were also couple policemen who would routinely beat her up. Amidst this verbal and physical abuse she attempted suicide as a last resort. She used broken glass from a door to slit her wrists.”
Hu Jia said, “The behavior of the authorities and the legal system and its treatment of women and children reflect the criminal nature of the CCP regime.”
According to Radio Free Asia, the police have been controlling Gao’s communication facilities for long time. This has prevented all his neighbors in the building from being able to use their cell phones and computers. They eventually all sold their homes and moved out.
Zhang Dongcui who visited Gao’s home this past August told Radio Free Asia on Wednesday that when she saw Gao, he had just had a conflict with the police and his arm was injured somehow. He was protesting his neighbors’ communications being cut off.
Zhang Dongcui said, “He said that many neighbors in his unit have sold their homes because they couldn’t use their cell phones and computers, as there is no signal in this unit.”
Zhang Xuerong, spokesman of Association to Support Gao Zhisheng recently urged people to pay close attention to the situation of Gao and his family.

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