Battle against evil happening even now in China—China Freedom File 21

Pastor Wang Yi.
(Photo: ChinaAid)

(ChinaAid—Feb. 24, 2021) In Battle against evil happening even now in China—China Freedom File 21, Bob Fu, PhD recounts that on December 9, 2018, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities detained Wang Yi, pastor of Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) in Chengdu, Sichuan. Even before that date and even now in China, Dr. Fu stresses, “Pastor Wang, as well as the more than 100 church members arrested with him, and thousands of others persecuted afterward for their faith have come face to face with evil.

“Today, as then, we need to pray for Pastor Wang, serving a nine-year prison sentence for ‘inciting subversion of state power’ and ‘illegal business operations.’ We also need to pray for others the CCP routinely persecutes,” Dr. Fu stresses. “Those already in prison as well as those the CCP routinely arrests and detains need our prayers. We need to pray for them that the Holy Spirit will comfort them… for their healing.”

Since Pastor Wang’s imprisonment, security guards have tortured him in despicable ways. In addition, although authorities released Pastor Wang’s wife, Jiang Rong, from prison, they have kept her imprisoned under house arrest. Each school day, police transport their son Joshua, who previously attended a Christian school, to a CCP public school where he daily goes through intensive “evil” CCP brainwashing. 

At one time, Dr. Fu says, “Grace, a young female Believer imprisoned in a Beijing detention center for her faith… for attending a house church… questioned, Why God…? “While imprisoned, one officer repeatedly raped her. As a beautiful, Christian young lady, she did not understand why she had to endure seeing this guard walking around each day looking at her… She felt that God had left her all alone. She felt she and her body were ruined.

“Later, however, Grace told others, ‘One day, during a moment of desperation. I realized that despite the evil I had endured…—out of that trauma, I came to realize the comfort the Holy Spirit gives. In my spirit, I heard God speak to me:

‘I was with you…,’ He said, ‘and I am still with you. I will be with you eternally, no matter what happens—you are my daughter.’


“‘I now know that as much as I wanted to keep it whole, ‘” Grace said, “‘my physical body was harmed… but I hope on our eternal God, that one day He will give me an imperishable, glorious body….'”

“Even now, as the evil embodied in the CCP’s persecution of Christians like Grace, Brother Wang, his family, and others remains a common practice, Dr. Fu says. “Even now and even at times when CCP security officers interrogate peaceful believers in isolated, windowless, darkened basement, secret facilities, His Holy Spirit is with them. Even there, where no other human being would know if a Believer were tortured to death, our God is there.

“Believers know that, as Jesus promises in Matthew 28, He is always
with us—
even in the torture chamber. The Lord cannot be hidden nor can
anything prevent Him from being with His children.

“Let’s pray for China, not only for those the CCP persecutes but for the persecutors, that God will soften their hearts,” Dr. Fu encourages. 

“But,” he stresses, “we cannot be blind pacifists against evil. As the Scripture says, we are to expose the deeds of darkness. We have to prayerfully battle against evil—happening even now in China.”

Battle against evil happening even now in China—China Freedom File 21.


and lo, I am with you always, 
even to the end of the age.” 
                                                                                                        ~  Matthew 28:20 (NKJV)
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